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“Five years after the tragic end of Fallen Justice we find Kerri Masters struggling in more ways than one with the events of the past. She has retired, and seemingly moved on from her former life as one of the most powerful heroes in the world. But when she meets a mysterious woman who offers her the chance to return to her glory days as the costumed heroine Dynagirl, she must finally come face to face with the ghosts that seem to haunt her wherever she goes.”

And that’s how Dynagirl’s About page introduces you to her story. Kerri Masters is Dynagirl. Mother, waitress and, just so happens to be a superhero. Dynagirl is a long-format comic brought to by the creative team over at Red Handed Studios. Written & lettered by Cary Kelly and drawn by Harold Edge, Dynagirl is a fun story of how Kerri is drawn out of retirement after five years. You find out quickly Kerri has a child, a roommate who Kerri’s mother is convinced is sleeping with Kerri and a taunted past as a superhero.


Taking place 5 years after a one superhero has gone rogue and ends up killing a lot of people; Dynagirl must now accept the fact that she’s being drawn back into the superhero game.

What draws me in is the fantastic art of this comic. It plays to its audience well with a variety of tightly clad heroines and villainesses. Come for the cleavage stay for the story. Nice mix. But there’s way more to Dynagirl than just titillation. It’s well paced and keeps the reader’s attention with a balance of story, action and character development.


Each part of the story is told in traditional comic book, 22-page style, though the latest issue #10 is a whopping 40 pages, so they’re rolling along heartily over at Red Handed Studios! Each issue is dressed to kill with an awesome cover colored by a mysterious artist known only as “Splash!”. It’s a worthy title as his work is undeniably fantastic. I wonder if “Splash!” is related to Top Gear’s “Stig”?

Anyway, drop by Dynagirl and take a dive into the archives. You’ll be glad you did.

Find Dynagirl at the comic’s website. Or over on Facebook. Follow Cary Kelly on Twitter by click here.

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