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Chuckles Mulligan has a problem at home, no matter how he tries he can not ignore the Gorilla in the room…the literal Gorilla in the room.  Gorilla in the Midst by Chris Simonite takes us into the world of the Mulligans as Chuckles wife Hilda opens up their home and personal lives to Gus the Gorilla, and as Chuckles soon finds out life with a Gorilla is not as happy as Jane Goodall would have led us to believe.

2013-01-07-Meet-Gus!Chuckles continues to struggle with the new challenges having a great ape living in his home, and a talking one at that!!  Hilda and Gus put Chuckles through more than his share of hardships, more brought on by his own self centered shortsightedness, and always administered at his expenses.  Whether he’s fighting the Gorilla agenda, creating manifestos, or trying to save the sanctity of this nation for a new Gorilla religion, he’s always go his friend Chester by his side.

Soon Chuckles discovers why Gus has come to live with them and it becomes very clear that Chuckles better get used to the extra silver hairs in the drain, cause this great ape isn’t going anywhere soon.  Chester, Chuckles friend offers him that often misguided support, while his wife Hilda just helps to keep Chuckles fired up.  When it comes to Alpha Males this house is only big enough for one, and the jury’s decision on who it will be is still out.  Who will take the role of Alpha male in this household?  Well you’ll just have to read to find out.2013-05-08-An-Obvious-Question!

Chris Simonite, not to be confused with Samsonite the luggage the Gorilla throws around, is the creator of Gorilla in the Midst.  Chris has created a very funny and satirical comic that isn’t afraid to take on its own approach of items such as same sex marriage, religion, and country music; to name a few.  Chris has been creating comics for sometime now and Gorilla in the Midst is a great new strip having started in 2013.  It updates on Mondays and sometimes more.

So don’t go bananas if you haven’t been reading this comic, it’s still young enough digging through the archives from the beginning will catch you up quick.  I am really enjoying this comic and know that you will too.  So quit monkeying around and go check it out will ya, or do I have to get Gus to sling his poo at you.

Website: http://www.gorillainthemidst.com/


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  1. Where Chris comes up with his ideas, I can’t imagine. You won’t find a more ludicrous collection of zany goings on out there, and Chris might even appear in his own strip to tell you so. He’s also a very talented fine artist and musician on top of his comic strip shenanigans. Congrats, Chris!

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