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Human/Nature reveals to us an office experience where most of the cubicle buddies are animals, I don’t mean crazed acting people I mean real animals.  Meet Phil and Rusty, best of buds just making their way through the 40 hour work week however they can.  We don’t want to call it a Rat Race, that might be offensive.


Rusty sort of navigates Phil along the path of working alongside animals, giving him a glimpse of how they are the same and in some instances so different.  Along the way we meet an eclectic group of office mates, from Crosby the Crocodile to Mandy, the sparkle in Phil’s eyes…if he ever gets the courage to ask her out.


As we get to know these characters more and more we find ourselves relating to them and the challenges they face in the Offices every day.  Whether they are battling over the thermostat, trying to keep ahead of those TPS reports, or trying to find good excuses out of doing so much work; all the while waiting for the next Birthday or celebration to get some free food.  Don’t look at me that way, we all live for those moments.


Adam Volk and Pol Desmarais collaborate to create a funny and always entertaining webcomic.  They describe it as “It’s sort of like The Office meets Richard Scarry with a smidge of Dilbert thrown in for good measure. Also, there will be farting in it. And who doesn’t love farting? Communists. That’s who.”  So with a description like that you know it’s gonna be a good time, and it definitely is.  Adam Volk does the writing with Pol Desmarais bring those words to life through the art.

Humane/Nature updates every Monday and has been online since April 2012, so the archives are not so large that you can’t easily catch up from the beginning, which I highly recommend.  There are so many new characters coming into the office herd that it’s worth going back and watching the adventures of Phil and Rusty as they try to survive the office life.


So take a break today from the hustle and bustle of the job and go check out Human/Nature, and make sure to share it with those animals you work with while hanging out around the water cooler.

Make sure to come back on April 15th as we sit down with the creators of Human/Nature with our “10 Questions for the Creators” here at the Webcomic Alliance.


Website: http://www.humannaturecomic.com/

Follow Human/Nature on Twitter: @humannatureweb

Follow Adam Volk and Pol Desmarais on Twitter: @ZombieGeek and @PolDesmarais

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