POTM Interview: Charles Dowd creator of Lilith Dark


 This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Lilith Dark by Charles Dowd.  Charles has created a visually fantastic fantasy Long Form Webcomic/Online Graphic Novel.  For those of you that are fans of Charles work, as well as those who are new to his work I’d like to take some time to help you get to know Charles a little more by lobbing him out 10 questions and getting his feedback.

We hope this is a way to connect you as readers a bit closer to the creators.  So without any more delay I present to you a closer look at the creator of Lilith Dark Mr. Charles Dowd.


What was the first comic you read as a child?

Charles: Ya know I didn’t really read any comics until I was in high school. I was more into animation growing up. My friend Ron introduced me to comics in 9th grade, and took me to my first comic shop, which was just a doublewide shed in the owner’s backyard. I didn’t really know where to begin, but there was an artist named Rob Liefeld who drew a comic called X-Force, and that really caught my eye, and it was issue 1, so I picked it up and I was hooked. There are a lot of people who want to hate on Rob and everything else about comics in the 90’s, but man that stuff was gold. I loved it.

Who would you consider to be your greatest influence as an artist and creator?

Charles: Sam Kieth’s “Marvel Comics Presents” Wolverine and Ghost Rider covers were amazing, and I bought every issue he drew. His run on Maxx was awesome, and so different from everything else at the time. Mark Teixeira’s runs on Wolverine and Vampirella were incredible. I love his inks. They’re almost like scratch board prints at times. Beautiful work. I’ve always been drawn to artists that draw differently than the “Big Two House Style”. But on the other hand, the original Image guys were huge influences on me too. Liefeld, McFarlane, Jim Lee, all great artists, even if some fans might disagree.

Outside of comics, I loved looking at children’s books growing up. Maurice Sendak, Beatrice Potter, H.A. Ray and a ton of others. Jim Henson was a huge influence as well. The Dark Crystal was visually amazing, and he was an awesome storyteller.

What, to you, is required drawing equipment or a writing necessity when you sit down to create?

Charles: 2H pencil for sketching and thumbnails. Wacom tablet for inking. I draw my comics in Manga Studio, and paint them in Photoshop. As far as writing, I don’t really write with words, I just sort of draw thumbnails in a moleskin, or whatever scrap paper might be sitting around. I don’t have too many “must haves” or rituals, I just do it.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Charles:I’m pretty much self taught. I did go back and take some art classes at my local community college that shares staff and curriculum with MICA in Baltimore. I’m hoping to go back and work towards my Masters soon.

If you could choose three adjectives to describe yourself, that have nothing to do with comics, what would they be?

Charles: Obnoxious, obstinate, & overweight.

Is there an environment you prefer to create in?  Such as somewhere quiet, or do you prefer music?  Does the sound of a TV show or movie in the background help get your creative juices flowing?

Charles: In my studio, lights off, desk lamp on, metal turned up to 11. 

OK, just to get a more personal feel of who you are, is there an embarrassing or exciting story from your childhood you’d like to share with us? 

Charles: When I was a wee child, I would go to the playground by myself and play on the jungle gym in the buff. It was the only time in my life that I truly felt complete and total freedom.

If and when they make a movie of your life who would you choose to play you?

Charles: Jonah Hill. The fat version.

Is there any upcoming news or other stuff you’d like to share with us?  Books? Kickstarters?

Charles: It’s great! You should read it and share it with your kids. Look for issue 3 to be available in print around Halloween. Hoping to have the first collected edition available by Summer 2013. Kickstarter? I dunno, maybe. Also be on the lookout for a completely new comic from me sometime in Fall/Winter 2013. It will also be great!

To wrap up this interview we’ll ask an easy question.  What’s the Meaning of Life?  Trust me, there’s more than  just a few of us that want to know the answer to that…especially on Mondays. 🙂

Charles: Pretty sure it’s 42.


I want to thank Mr. Charles Dowd for taking the time out to answer a few questions from us and to allow us to get to know him a little more.   I would also encourage all of you to go and check out Lilith Dark and cdowd.com for Charles other works.

You can also check out the Pick of the Month write up of Lilith Dark here. POTM: Lilith Dark

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