POTM Interview: Jack Slade of Scaredemy

Scaredemy_10QsWe’ve had a great month spotlighting Scaredemy by Jack Slade.  Jack’s work has taken us into the life of Simon Fairwee, watching him develop his skills and work to become a great magician.  Well speaking of skills, and working towards things Jack Slade has worked to create a wonderful comic series with Scaredemy, so let’s take some time and shift the spotlight on Jack and see what his influences are, and what makes him tick.   Hopefully through this you’ll grow to know Jack a little more.  So join us now and let’s check out Jack’s responses to our “10 Questions”.


Thinking back, what is the first comic you recall reading as a child?

Jack: When I was very young, six or seven, my uncle gave me a giant box of
vintage horror comics. These were “The Haunt of Fear” and “Journey of
Unknown Worlds” series to name a few. They were completely inappropriate
for my age and kept me up at night wondering which kind of creature was
going to emerge from my closet at night to strangle me. The cover art
still haunts me till this day.

I believe my father eventually caught wind of these comics and one day
because they all disappeared. Probably for the better.

Who is your greatest influence(s) as an artist/creator?

Jack: It wasn’t until my senior year of college that cartoons as an art form
started to grab my interest (this was in the hay day of Powerpuff Girls and
Dexter’s Laboratory). I was really drawn to the Cartoon Network shows of
that era and the character designs.

With all of that said, I just love anything Craig McCracken, Genndy
Tartakovsky and Mike Kunkel touch.

What would you consider required drawing equipment or writing necessities?

Jack: I will write my scripts on anything. Small notebook, text file, on my
phone, even my dog.

I love to draw quick gestures on post-it notes. To me that is the perfect
little disposable comic frame.

The rest of my drawing process is all digital and it couldn’t be done
without my Wacom Cintiq. That is the single best tool I have ever bought.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Jack: University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, BFA – Graphic Design.

Three adjectives to describe yourself that has NOTHING to do with comics?


1. Devilish

2. Agoraphobic

3. Adorable

We all have favorite places, scenarios we feel more creative in.  What is your favorite environment in which to create? 

Jack: Music/movie in the background, etc.)* In my dark office, late at night,
listening to art / comic / geek culture podcasts. One is called the comics
of allianced webs, or something like that. Maybe you have heard of it?


Hmmm, that does sound vaguely familiar, I’ll have to Google it….wait a minute! 🙂 Glad we can be part of your listening enjoyment. OK, back to the questions.


Embarrassing childhood memory you wish to reveal? (or Most exciting if you don’t want to reveal embarrassing)

Jack: The Milwaukee Brewers were holding a baseball camp for Little League kids,
of which I was signed up. I was very excited to attend until my Dad made a
suggestion “you should wear your full uniform”. To which I replied,
“NOBODY is going to be wearing their full uniform Dad, NOBODY”.

The debate went on for a few days and I eventually lost the argument. I
still remember pulling up to the field that day and seeing about 100 kids
at the field, and not one of them even had on their Little League jersey.

I might as well have been an alien emerging from a spaceship as far the
other players were concerned as I strolled onto the field, stirrup socks
and all. I remember looking up at my Dad, and kind of gave a nervous smile
and shrugged his shoulders.

Needless to say, I was mortified.

If a movie of your life were made who would you pick to play you?

Jack: Well if I don’t pick Vince Vaughn, then I will probably disappoint a lot
of people who know me. So, I’ll go with Matthew Broderik. He’s just so
adorable (see question 5, part 3).

What other information would you like share about your comic?  Books? Kickstarter?

Jack: Scaredmey is slightly biopic, it draws from my experiences
a boy growing up surrounded by monsters. Except, that my monsters were
hillbillies with mullets who wore Metallica t-shirts.

What is the meaning of life?

Jack: 42, duh. Well, I’m sure someone has
already said that.

The meaning of life for me is my three kids and my wife, that is what it
is all about.


As a father of 3 I suspect most of your Agoraphobia is not actual agoraphobia so much as it is fear of keeping up with 3 kids in public. 🙂


Well there you have it folks, from the creators mouth to your eyes, an inside look at Jack Slade.  So now you’ll know why he starts to get nervous every time he hears “Enter Sandman” on the jug and washboard.  Make sure you check out Jack’s comic “Scaredemy” and if you haven’t done so already go check out the Pick of the Month write up on “Scaredemy”.   If you want to learn more about Jack Slade give him a follow on Twitter (@Scaredemy).  Thank you Jack for taking your time with us this month, and for tirelessly creating such a wonderful comic series.




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