POTM Interview: Reds Planet

This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman.  As something new here at the Webcomic Alliance we are now doing informal Pick of the Month Interviews with the creators as well.  Being a huge fan of Red’s Planet I was very excited to start my POTM series off with it and double excited to have an opportunity to reach out to Eddie Pittman and get his feedback on some questions.

We hope this is a way to connect you as readers a bit closer to the creators.  So without any more delay I present to you a closer look at the creator of Red’s Planet Mr. Eddie Pittman.


10 Questions for Eddie Pittman of Red’s Planet:


What was the first comic you read as a child?

Eddie: I think it was an issue of Batman or Detective Comics. It would have been in the late sixties — when I was 4 or 5 years old — so the art was probably by Neal Adams or Dick Giordano. But I don’t think I really read it — I just mainly looked at the pictures. And then, of course, I would cut out the characters of Batman and Robin, laminate them with Scotch tape, and play like they were miniature action figures. But everyone did that. Right?

 Who would you consider to be your greatest influence as an artist and creator?

Eddie: That’s always a tough one, because I am constantly being influenced by everything I come in contact with. But, at my core, I think I have been influenced primarily by three people: Walt Disney, for his unique, pioneering vision and high standard of excellence; Walt Kelly, for his amazing draftsmanship and whimsy; and Steven Spielberg, for all his early films that inspired me to be a storyteller.

What, to you, is required drawing equipment or a writing necessity when you sit down to create?

Eddie: A few years ago, I might have said a Windsor Newton Series 7 brush and a variety of Col-erase pencils; and though those are still in my stable of tools, they have been replaced by my Mac and Wacom Cintiq as the most indispensable. I use a variety of software, including Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Eddie: I attended Georgia State University, where I studied English and took a few core art classes. But, except for one extraordinary mentor, I learned very little in college. Most of my education in writing and drawing has been on-the-job training and self-discovery.

If you could choose three adjectives to describe yourself, that have nothing to do with comics, what would they be?

Eddie: The random adjective generator I used said determined, capable, and ingenious, but it’s probably more reasonable to say anxious, delusional, and obtuse.

Is there an environment you prefer to create in?  Such as somewhere quiet, or do you prefer music?  Does the sound of a TV show or movie in the background help get your creative juices flowing?

Eddie: Quiet room, late at night, with vintage Art Bell shows; or if I’m writing, movie soundtracks playing.

OK, just to get a more personal feel of who you are, is there an embarrassing or exciting story from your childhood you’d like to share with us? 

Eddie: I’m trying to decide between the one with the split pants or the poop.

If and when they make a movie of your life who would you choose to play you?

Eddie: Either Tom Hanks, Shia Labeouf or Tom Richmond.

Is there any upcoming news or other stuff you’d like to share with us?  Books? Kickstarters?

Eddie: Read it! And tell all your friends! Red’s Planet updates every Monday, and the whole story will run about 300 pages (give or take a few). My current plan is to collect the first five chapters as a graphic novel sometime in 2013. If you like the comic, the best way you can help is to spread the word.

To wrap up this interview we’ll ask an easy question.  What’s the Meaning of Life?  Trust me, there’s more than  just a few of us that want to know the answer to that…especially on Mondays. 🙂

Eddie: 42…evidently.


I want to thank Mr. Eddie Pittman for taking the time out to answer a few questions from us and to allow us to get to know him a little more.   I would also encourage all of you to go and check out Red’s Planet to see this labor of love Eddie continues to make for us to enjoy.  Spread the word, and keep your eye out for the Graphic Novel coming in 2013.

You can also check out the Pick of the Month write up of Red’s Planet here. POTM: Red’s Planet

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  1. He knows the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything, that’s for sure!

    I started reading Red’s Planet after it was showcased here, and it really deserves to be recognized.

    …and is he referring to Tom Richmond from MAD magazine?

  2. Eddie is definitely a great creator that is very deserving of recognition. I had the opportunity to catch Red’s Planet right shortly after Eddie started online and was able to take advantage of the free preview of where the story is about to head, and let me tell you…his drawing and story telling just get’s better and better. He’s unbelievable.

    I believe so, at least that’s what I took away from it. Tom Richmond’s an incredible Illustrator just like Eddie, so I think he’d portray Eddie perfectly. Now to get working on that “Red’s Planet: The life and times of Eddie Pittman” screenplay. 🙂

  3. Eddie’s just amazing. I started Red’s Planet shortly after it began and I got hooked instantly. Since then I’ve gotten giddy with every announcement of a new page! I’m gonna stop now before I freak him out with my fanboyishness. 🙂

  4. I don’t remember when I started reading Red’s planet. But I do remember it being when there was only part of the awe-inspiring prologue up and I was constantly checking for updates, and gobbling them up the second they appeared. When I saw the first page I excitedly called my husband over to admire it. :`) Then there was an almost intolerable hiatus. And then Red was back! And the story just gets more and more intriguing.

    Eddie is one of those artist-storytellers that I am incredibly envious of (in a good way), and before whose professionalism I become tongue-tied.

    Todd, you asked great questions, and Eddie gave really good answers even to the embarrassing one.

    Thanks for this.

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