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For the month of January we’ve taken a trip in time as we’ve put the spot light on the time traveling comic “Loop“.  So let’s take a moment now and come to the present and meet the creator of Loop Sean McLean.  Sean has been very busy with two webcomics, guest art at other sites, and lots of commission work but we were able to steal a little of Sean’s time for our “10 Questions”. So let’s take some time and get to know Sean a little better.

Thinking back, what is the first comic you recall reading as a child?

 Sean: I’d have to say Calvin and Hobbes.
Who is your greatest influence(s) as an artist/creator?
Sean: Bill Waterson and Gary Larson. I mean those are the big two influences for everyone. I’m also influenced by cartoons, probably more so then comics. Stuff like Freakazoid, Animanics, and Tiny Toons. Also Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy. 
What would you consider required drawing equipment or writing necessities?
Sean: My Wacom and Photoshop, I do everything digitally. A scrap of paper is good sometimes too. For writing, I use notebooks for ideas and I sometimes use a program called celtx for scripts, if they demand more planning out. Mostly I write directly into Photoshop, it’s easier for me to plan out where all the text needs to go in the panels. 
Where did you go to school and what was your major?
Sean: I went to a community college and graphic design was my major. 
Three adjectives to describe yourself that has NOTHING to do with comics?
Sean: Nice. Funny. Strikingly Handsome.
We all have favorite places, scenarios we feel more creative in.  What is your favorite environment in which to create? 
Sean: I listen to music. Mostly ambient type stuff, music with no words in it. Like trance, chip tunes, or soundtracks. That’s when i’m writing but when I’m drawing, I listen to podcasts. Mostly Frogpants stuff.
Embarrassing childhood memory you wish to reveal? (or Most exciting if you don’t want to reveal embarrassing)
Sean: I plead the fifth 
If a movie of your life were made who would you pick to play you?
Sean: Jon Heder
What other information would you like share about your comic?  Books? Kickstarter?
Sean: Uh… well no books for Loop right now, but I think there will be in the future 🙂 No Kickstarter, but maybe down the road.
What is the meaning of life?
 Sean: 42?
We would like to thank Sean for spending some time with us and letting all us readers know a little bit more about him.  We hope this has helped you to feel a little more connected to the creator and be sure to go check out our Pick of the Month write up on Loop, and head on over and check out Loop at www.loopcomic.com.
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