POTM Interview: The creative minds behind Deep Dive Daredevils

POTM_10QsThis month we have been sharing Deep Dive Daredevils by the Thre315ive (Three One Five) as our May Pick of the Month.  Now those that know me know how much I love collaboration comics, to see all these super talented minds in writing and drawing come together to create an absolute masterpiece.  Deep Dive Daredevils is one such masterpiece so for our “10 Questions” we did not want to exclude any of them so we dropped our “10 Questions” to all of them.  Let me introduce them to you first then we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty.

Writing by: Matt Heistand, Dan Fifield and Evin Dempsey

Art by: Danilo Guida

Now that you know who they are let’s find out a little bit more about them.


Thinking back, what is the first comic you recall reading as a child?

Matt Heistand – When I was very young my dad would bring home comics that he bought at a convenience store and read them to me before bedtime. So, I don’t have a really clear idea of the first comic I ever read, but the first comic I ever bought with my own money was Uncanny X-Men #251.

Dan Fifield – It was something off a comic rack at an airport that my parents picked up for me while waiting for a flight.  Probably an Archie or Casper comic.  I really didn’t get into comics until my late teens, early twenties.

Evin Dempsey – The first comic I remember reading was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Eastman and Laird.

Danilo Guida – It´s hard to remember…could’ve been Asterix, or Hulk…


Who is your greatest influence(s) as an artist/creator?

Matt Heistand – I’d have to say Chris Claremont. His writing sparked my love of comics, and I still find myself looking to his work for inspiration.

Dan Fifield – I’m really more of a Movies/TV guy – so I’m going with Wes Anderson and Bryan Fuller.

Evin Dempsey – The works of Irvine Welsh, Anthony Burgess, and Chuck Palahniuk have had a big impact on the way I think about writing.  Gene Roddenberry gets a lot of credit too.

Danilo Guida – I have many. I especially admire artists who stand out with great use of black and white. Alberto Breccia, Bernet, Bernie Wrightson, among others.


What would you consider required drawing equipment or writing necessities?

Matt Heistand – Yellow legal pad. Pretty much all the first drafts of the Deep Dive Daredevils scripts can be found in one.

Dan Fifield – Main thing would be my writing partners.  There is a lot of give and take with our process, and to me the idea of sitting alone behind a keyboard and a blank screen is a little intimidating.

Evin Dempsey – Gin.  And anything that can run Photoshop.

Danilo Guida – Pencil, paper, pen and ink, and from time to time Photoshop and Manga Studio.


Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Matt Heistand – I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Journalism degree.

Dan Fifield – I was in college for a very short time, and my major was Computer Science.  I ended up dropping out, but have worked in the tech field for the past 15 years.

Evin Dempsey – Mesa Community College, Web Design.

Danilo Guida – School of Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes), Professor of Painting (Profesor Nacional de Pintura).


Three adjectives to describe yourself that has NOTHING to do with comics?

Matt Heistand – Tall, dependable, and cynical.

Dan Fifield – Analytic, quiet, and kind.

Evin Dempsey – Marksman.

Danilo Guida – Well…A nice guy who enjoy arts, reading, movies, good music, and martial arts.


We all have favorite places, scenarios we feel more creative in.  What is your favorite environment in which to create? 

Matt Heistand – My office, late at night with music playing. Lately, I’ve been listening to Dada’s American Highway Flower while writing.

Dan Fifield – If I’m working with other people, I can find music a little distracting.  But if I’m working by myself, music keeps me moving along.

Evin Dempsey – I do my best thinking when I’m not sitting in front of the computer.  Often times I find myself scratching something down after just waking up, or having a new concept come to me in the shower.  I also pace back and forth a lot in my house, it helps me work around any blocks I might have.

Danilo Guida – When I used to share a studio I had to listen to whatever was on the radio, but now that I work alone I like to hear (and sometimes yell, I mean sing) hard rock (Zeppelin, AC/DC, Grand Funk Railroad), 60´s and 70´s rock (The Who, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix), or blues.


Embarrassing childhood memory you wish to reveal? (or Most exciting if you don’t want to reveal embarrassing)

Matt Heistand – I seem to have successfully forgotten most of my embarrassing childhood moments.

Dan Fifield – Once in little league I thought that I had gotten hit in the head with a pitch, but somehow I had actually hit myself with my bat.

Evin Dempsey – I was in a baseball camp commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Danilo Guida – I walked though a glass door at the age of 7. I was cut badly and I bled a lot, but that´s more frightening than embarrassing…


If a movie of your life were made who would you pick to play you?

Matt Heistand – Evin would say ex-Laker Vlade Divac (because he’s a dick), but I would say Ben Affleck.

Dan Fifield – Someone better looking than I actually am.

Evin Dempsey – Eli Roth, I would want him to play me like Sgt. Donny Donowitz.

Danilo Guida – I would like Chuck Norris to play my character…but that would be a very boring movie for sure!


What other information would you like share about your comic?  Books? Kickstarter?

Matt Heistand – Well, making the Deep Dive Daredevils has really been one of the best experiences of my life, and I know, speaking for all the guys, we love sharing our work and interacting with our readers. We’ve got years of Daredevils stories planned, so if people keep showing up to read it every Tuesday we’ll keep putting pages up on the blotter. We’re in it for the long haul. And, print is definitely in the Deep Daredevil’s future. It’s just a matter of deciding the right time and format. Stay tuned.

Evin Dempsey – Everyone should read Deep Dive Daredevils or they’ll be haunted by a malicious spirit that eats skin.


What is the meaning of life?

Matt Heistand – Man, I would say…find a person you love that loves you back, have a kid, and follow your passion.

Dan Fifield – I’m too sober at the moment to contemplate this question.

Evin Dempsey – Pizza.

Danilo Guida – Oh…I´ll try not to be corny…Try to be happy, try to help others or at least try not to bother anybody in the meantime.


There you have it folks, a bit more info on those minds that bring us Deep Dive Daredevils.  We hope these questions have been a good way to feel a bit more connected to these creators and get to know them a little more.   Don’t forget to check out our Pick of the Month write up on Deep Dive Daredevils and make sure to check out their site and join the crew on another exciting adventure.

Deep Dive Daredevils updates every Tuesday at www.deepdivedaredevils.com and check out some of their other works at The Thre315ive.




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