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Well here we are in the midst of winter, those December nights are getting colder and the December days aren’t much warmer.  Sometimes you just need a good hot cup of java to get your day started, and that’s where our Pick of the Month “On the Grind” finds us this month.  Meet Chris Green, 21 years old and aspires to one day own a coffee shop of his own, but for now he has to survive “The Grind”.  Chris works hard to be an optimistic guy, even from the get go Chris expressed is excitement to serve others.



Along the way we meet Tanya Cruz, the shift supervisor at the Grind.  She becomes Chris’s closest friend at work, and works hard just like Chris, but unlike Chris Tanya doesn’t allow the customers to walk all over her.  She’s willing to help, but if you cross that line she’ll yank you back pretty quick.



Now life On the Grind isn’t always full of bad customers, and dreading the next person to walk through the door.  From time to time you make that connection, you become a part of someones day, heck you even know their regular and are ready to serve them.



George Gant has been creating On the Grind for 5 years now, and it’s been really neat watching his characters and his art evolve.  On the Grind updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday and just like Christ George and his cast are there every update ready to serve you with a good helping of laughs, with just the right amount of foam on top.

I discovered On the Grind about a year ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed starting from the beginning and moving forward in the archives.  As of now there is about 3 years of Archived material, but it’s not so daunting that you won’t get caught up soon.   The characters like I mentioned before really evolve as this series moves on and it’s really nice to not only watch the characters changed but to see how George’s technique for creating them changes as well.

With the use of technology now, you might find yourself hanging out at a coffee shop more often than before, just for the WiFi, so drop on over to www.onthegrind.com and check out what George Gant is serving up hot and fresh each M, W, F while you enjoy your Mocha, Latte, Espresso…or whatever it is your choose to kick start your day with, and remember the staff is there to serve you, right Chris?




To fill your cup with more On the Grind check out the website and follow @onthegrindcomic on Twitter.  Make sure to come back on December 16th as George takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.

Website – www.onthegrindcomic.com



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  1. OTG is always a very entertaining read, and Gant’s sharp social, political, and pop culture awareness makes this series an eyebrow-raising pleasure on a continual basis.

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