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Raised worlds apart and brought together by fate to Love and grow as a family, when East meets West something remarkable happens, a wonderful family comic strip called Odori Park by Chris Watkins.  Meet the Easton’s Colin, Arisa, and their son “Sprout”.  This wonderful webcomic takes us down the journey of life with this wonderful family.  Along the way we meet their friends and extended family, and watch as they struggle to take a dream of Colin’s, owning his own bookstore and turn it into a reality.  The Easton’s, though culturally different have one important thing in common, their love for one another.  Odori Park shows us how those cultural differences can from time to time collide and show us how life can be a lot of fun and more tolerable with that someone special by your side.

As the Easton’s grow and learn each others differences they also get to watch their son grow and develop as well.  Raising a child, as they both discover, can be just as confusing and a challenge as learning another culture.  Though together they make a great team and create a wonderful environment for Sprout to grow up in.

Chris started Odori Park back in 2009 and continues building a wonderful world with new updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The life of the Easton’s is so well done by Chris that before long you find yourself deeply rooted into their lives right along with them and become a member of the family before you know it.   The bond they have, and the adventures they go through as a family many of us can relate with.

Along the way Colin is uplifted outside of his family circle by his friend Lyle, who has been there with Colin when he left his 9 to 5 job and started his own little slice of heaven.   Lyle and Colin have a friendship that is more like brothers, and this is another one of those special treats that Chris brings to his characters and makes us reflect on those special friends we have in our lives as well.

I discovered Odori Park earlier this year and have really enjoyed taking the time to start at the beginning and watch as the Easton’s evolve and watching them go from first time shop owners, struggling to find a way to seeing their business prosper and grow.  Along the way you meet the extended family, get to take a trip to Japan, take a walk down memory lane with them as they reflect on their past, and long ever more to see their future unfold each time a new update appears.  Colin and Arisa bring so much to the strip, but it’s those moments when they are together that really shine.  These are the couple that we all long to have as our friends, and thanks to Chris we get to have them in our lives.

I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful world that Chris has created, and encourage you to take the time and come on down to Odori Park and meet the Easton’s for yourself.  I guarantee once you’ve spent a little time with them you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave.

Be sure to check back on October 12th as we get to know creator Chris Watkins a little better as he answers our 10 Questions at the Webcomic Alliance.  Part of our continuing spotlight on Odori Park and Chris Watkins as our Pick of the Month for October.

 Website: http://www.odoripark.com

Follow Chris Watkins and Odori Park on Twitter @Odoripark and Google+ +Chris Watkins

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    • The pleasure is all mine. You have a wonderful webcomic and have dedicated a lot to it, you and your work definitely deserve this spot light.

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    • I have absolutely fallen in love with the webcomic. I look forward to the new updates. Chris continues to pump out a funny and very artistically well done strip each and every time. I’m glad you liked the article Khalid. I hope this article draws new readers to Chris’s wonderful comic and really puts a spot light on it. Check back in a few weeks for the 10 Questions interview with Chris.

  2. Odori Park is a delightful comic (one of the many)I’ve been reading for a couple of years now, off and on. And until today I thought I was following @odoripark on Twitter all this time, only to find I’m not!(corrected!) I swear Tweetdeck randomly unfollows people sometimes.

    Lovely writeup, Todd. And well-deserved kudos to Chris! ♥

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