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Lets face it. The college/post-college group-of-friends concept is the classic obligatory comic many of us have dabbled in…. probably because we’ve all been there and for each of us, that time and those people affected us deeply and significantly. How we may have handled it– as a quippy comic strip, or an edgy indie longform drama– is what made it unique. With “Pictures of You”, Gibson Twist has full embraced the story- more like a legendary saga- that is only possible with the colorful cast and how they intertwine.


“Pictures” was in fact first conceived during a hangover, quite fittingly. It was following a raucous couple days spent with old friends, some of which left on poor terms, but upon reunion none of that mattered. The bonds that are formed during the young adult years of our lives withstand a lot. And that bond, and the “a lot” that it withstands, is what “Pictures” is all about. Told by main character Peter, as he looks back on his past, the saga slowly takes shape.

b5ff256626pEoGibson says none of the charcaters is solely based on himself or a person in his circle of friends. Personality traits may be borrowed but each character owns his or her own depth & complexities, giving the comic a genuine and heartfelt backbone, while not ALWAYS taking itself so seriously.


Peter, the lead and storyteller from the start, is a small town type of guy trying to adjust and take in the chaos, sometimes like a deer in headlights. He has characters like Christo, to introduce him to others in the circle and the entanglement begins, as it usually does. Strong characters like the the fiery-yet-vulnerable Michelle, along with Wiley and Patrick, resonate with readers and become fan favorites, but there are also characters that divide an audience, like Mulligan. Truly, a slice of life comic; divided into layers and while some are pleasantly familiar, others leave a bad taste in your mouth. It all depends on your particular taste buds.

dfb764dafChuGWhat elevated “Pictures” to the next level entirely is Gibson’s fearlessness of getting “too real”, even if it means tapping into sad realities. Relationships can get ugly, friends can be cruel, and life dishes out more that what we can handle at times. The key to making it work and not become a “woe is us” indie drama is in balancing the drama with humor and some heartfelt moments. Life isn’t fair, but friends can be your strength and the universe has one wicked sense of humor.

c5681e5473AJD…. and when you can’t control your life, play Risk and dominate the world, m0-fo.

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20140217190506-IndieGogo2Before he developed “Pictures of You”, Gibson and artist Ben Steeves created another webcomic called “Our Time in Eden”, a beautifully tragic & emotional story of the friendship and loss of childhood innocence between a boy & girl/man & woman. This comic is being made into a book and chapter two is being crowd-funded via IndieGoGo right at this moment. Please consider donating!



Website: www.picturesofyou.smackjeeves.com


“Our Time in Eden” IndieGoGo Campaign

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  1. Dawn, thank you so much for running with the POTM this month and what a jem you chose. Pictures of You is an awesome pick and one that I have been digging through for some time back and forth. I love the characters and the evolution of each of them. As I read it there are times where I just have to call it “Pictures of Me” cause so many of the elements I can so relate to. Great, great job for the March POTM, well deserved. Gibson Twist weaves an awesome tapestry with this one.

    • Yay! My pick was Todd-Approved™! Happy to cover for you pal.
      Also, I was lucky to have met Gibson Twist at C2E2, my first comic con ever! How cool is that?

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