POTM: Ralf the Destroyer

Hidden within the shadow of the moon the spacecraft sets its course and its weapons on target for Earth.  Fortunately for us Ralf the Destroyer is the sole occupant of the vessel.  Ralf has visions of grandeur but unfortunately for him  his plans of world destruction are thwarted by his procrastination and the fact that deep down he’s really just a nice guy.  Tasked by the Trans-galactic Counsel to destroying earth Ralf finds himself at the ready, with earth in the cross hairs, but first he decides to take a little visit to the planet and finds that the initial threat has been gone for thousands of years.  His journey brings him into the life of Lexi, a seven year old girl who he meets at Comic-con and thus begins a friendship with.  Along the way he meets many other folks and is pursued by The Men in Black and an assassin bent on destroying Ralf once and for all.

As the story unfolds we are taken back to Ralf’s home world where we get to see how Ralf the Destroyer became who he is today.  Abandoned by his parents, and unable to find a fitting job Ralf finally stands up for himself and requests to be taken seriously, thus sending him on the journey to greatness…well maybe not so eloquently as that.

Soon Ralf finds himself alone, jobless, and homeless but eventually fate steps in and sends Ralf on his crash course with Earth.   With his focus more on the conquest of earth versus destroying it he faces a new challenge, how to be intimidating.  Ralf soon finds that he doesn’t come across to any of the species on earth as a threat.   After crash landing on earth and working off his debt he eventually finds his way back to his first and true friend Lexi.  Unbeknownst to Ralf a threat still awaits him and eventually he will have to answer to the Trans-galactic Counsel on whether or not he has successfully destroyed Earth.  As all things Ralf a series of unfortunate events finds him stranded on Earth, working off a debt for Kaiser, a tow truck operator who rescued him and his spacecraft after it crash landed.  While working off his debt Ralf meets one of the finer things that Earth has to offer.

While exploring the area around him Ralf continues to find himself coming in contact with lots of new friends such as Bryon, Erin, and eventually Lexi again.   But as he continues on this new journey the assassin is still looking for him along with the Men in Black, thus building a background plot that will eventually cross paths with our new little friend.

 Scott Lincoln has created a very fun and family friendly long form webcomic that is sure to please any reader.  If your new to Ralf the Destroyer take some time and start from the beginning and see how Ralf’s plans have fallen apart and led him into the lives of some really great folks and along the way you’ll discover that one of those is you.

Check back at the Webcomic Alliance on September 17th to find out a little more about Scott Lincoln as he answers our 10 Questions for Creators a follow up to our POTM series.

Website: http://ralfthedestroyer.com/

Follow Ralf the Destoryer on Twitter – www.twitter.com/KabloonaComics


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    • It’s such a great family friendly long form webcomic. I just discovered it a few months back and have become absolutely hooked. I was glad to have the chance to share it as the POTM for September.

  1. Not only does Scott’s strip rock, him and his wife are both GOOD PEOPLE too! The last two years, we’ve had some great dinner conversations at the Pittsburgh Comic-Con! Really great times!

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