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Scaredemy_HeaderSimon Fairwee was your typical kid until that one day he found his dad’s old year book and his life took a drastic turn.  Suddenly Simon is faced with the fact his dad was a practicing magician and his mother, well let’s just say she was a bit shocking on the eyes.  Now that the truth is out Simon’s dad, Gary, wants Simon to follow in his foot steps and attend Scaredemy and accomplish what his dad never did, become a great magician.

Well from the get go Simon discovers that things at Scaredemy are going to take some getting used to, but fortunately for him his room mate is right there to get him started off on the right foot, a wet foot, but the right foot none the less.



As Simon get’s more acclimated with his new surroundings he finds that Scaredemy is not much different than regular school, with the exception that your fellow class mates may literally eat you for lunch.



All the dangers aside Scaredemy has a lot to offer Simon.  He now has a chance to be more than just ordinary, to get in there and prove to everyone that he can be a great magician.  Soon he gets into the groove of things, all he needs to do now is establish himself amongst his classmates and make a good first impression.   Although sometimes that may not be the easiest thing to do.



Creator Jack Slade creators a very fun and exciting world with Scaredemy, sort of a Monsters University meets Harry Potter mashup.  We get to experience this other world school through the eyes of Simon.   We find that just like regular school it’s a fight to survive, trying to determine which group to gravitate towards so your not the social outcast, and which groups to stay clear of so your not someones lunch.  Jack’s approach to story telling gives us not only the school, but also gives us small hints to Simon’s families past, and really brings us into the heart of the character as we watch him adjust to his new surroundings and learn a little more about his folks past.

Simon, having not known his mother is now in the world that she was a huge part of, which will in time help him to learn a little more about her, should he survive his first semester unscathed.   It’s going to take all he’s got to navigate through this new world he’s been dropped into, but with some good guidance by Wolfric, his roommate I think he’ll be just fine.5-2-Scaredemy-Pizza


I really encourage you to take some time and head over to Scaredemy and start from the beginning, the archives aren’t so large you’ll be overwhelmed catching up.   Scaredemy updates 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so make Scaredemy part of your weekly routine.   Will Simon find out more about his mom?  Will he become a great magician or will he be eaten alive one day by a fellow classmate?  Tune in and find out.

Be sure to stop back by the Webcomic Alliance on September 16th as we put the spotlight on creator Jack Slade as he takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.

Website: www.scaredemy.com

Follow Jack on Twitter: @Scaredemy


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  1. Speaking of magicians, Jack Slade’s formidable imagination is matched only by his dexterity with a digital pen, which he wields like a magic wand. If you know Jack, you realize he’s constantly striving to improve and evolve as a creator, and we’re the lucky ones to be able to witness his process. I’ve always loved a mix of horror and humor, and Scaredemy covers all the bases. Jack brings fun back into comics, when I read his stuff I feel like a kid again!

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