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Calm down, before you start getting all hot and bothered it’s not that “Shades of Gray”, this one gives you an actual story with characters you’ll care about.  Shades of Gray takes us to an alien world, where we meet Ten.  Just like all of us Ten has wanted for more in his life, a chance to be someone to shoot for the stars.  But there’s something different about Ten that affects him physically but that’s not all there is, something plagues his thoughts, shadows that come and go, are they illusions or something more that Ten has yet to deal with?  You’ll have to read Shades of Gray to find out more.

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Ten is a new student at an Altair academy training to be a pilot, and through many pit falls and short comings he miraculously passes through as pilot, and along the way meets several friends and some just acquaintances that take a little longer to warm up to his “charm” right off.  Ten is not the biggest and strongest in the group, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in charm and determination.   That brings us to Kiva, who is really the polar opposite of Ten, who seems to has attached himself to her and no matter how hard she works at it she just can’t seem to get around that he’s going to be there.  She is soon assigned to him and that adds insult to injury.  Will Kiva warm up to Ten and grow from having him a part of her life?  Just like before, you have to read and stay a part to find out.

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Christine Dufor, creator of Shades of Gray has created a really fun SciFi comic with a lot of detail and back thought into the world and species that live here.  One of the things I really enjoy when I get into a comic is the FAQ part of most strips that will give a little more detail into the inspirations and sometimes a little back story.  Christine does not disappoint when it comes to her FAQ, definitely give it a check when you check out the comic.

There is some back ground mythology taking place as well in Shades of Gray that just sort of gets trickled in from time to time but doesn’t take away from the story line that is unfolding with Ten establishing himself amongst his peers, but yet we know that in time this will have to be confronted and those of you that are followers of Shades of Gray know that things are starting to reveal themselves in the current story arc.   Now if your new to the story, don’t jump in now, spend some time and go through the archives from the beginning, not only will you be amazed as the art changes but you’ll find yourself attached to Ten and watch as he proves to himself and others that he may be different but he has qualities and skills that everyone can benefit from.



Shades of Gray updates on a Tuesday/Friday schedule and has been out since August of 2006, but don’t let that scare you away from going back to 000 in the archives and moving forward.  You’ll really appreciate the heart that Christine puts into her story.  I love the archives of comics, not only watching the story lines unfold but watching as the artists grow improving their writing and art, Christine does an amazing job with this story.  Go check it out today!

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