POTM: Stand Still. Stay Silent

POTM90 years have passed since the rash illness wiped out a large majority of the world.  Stand Still. Stay Silent takes us into the post apocalyptic world where the “Silent World” have been left untouched for years and rumors have turned to myth, and now it’s the time for a crew to venture into this untouched world and visit the relics of years gone by.  Funding a crew is no easy task, so sometimes you just get what you can pay for, such is how our motley crew is started.


One of the great things about this comic is that you get to see the onset of the illness and watch as borders are closed and people start to flee to their own safety zones.  As the story moves forward throughout the prologue you see responses in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.  We watch as the calendar rolls by and suddenly we find ourselves 90 years in the future with the descendants of some of the folks we met in the prologue at the new capital of the world, Reykjavik, Iceland seeking funding for an expedition team.  It’s really neat to see that the families we watched through prologue survived enough to produce offspring that in time their children are funding an expedition to explore the world their parents and grandparents fled.



Mina Sundberg is a Finnish-Swedish lady, who has honestly made a living creating online comics.  She is best known for “A Redtails Dream” based on Finnish mythology.  She made such a success on that one with her crowd-funding campaign for a printed book that she is able to work full-time as a webcomic creator based off those profits.


There is a lot of mythological aspects taking place in “Stand Still. Stay Silent“, from Mages to Monsters, and a lot of adventure in between.  Now here’s the greatest part, the journey is just now starting!  That’s right!  You’re not going to find yourself 500 pages in trying to catch up if your a first time reader, in fact you can drop right in and run through the 68 page prologue in not time at all, and it is only 20 pages into the Chapter 1 so you will be right up to speed with everything as the crew forms and they start their adventures.   Mina provides lots of information along the way  to completely submerge you as a reader into the story, from maps to history, to descriptions of the type of Mages in each country, etc.  You’re guaranteed to feel a part of this world from the first read.

I stumbled upon “Stand Still. Stay Silent” and am very excited to have this opportunity to share it with all of you.  Take some time and jump on board this story, I can tell by the writing style and the love that goes into the characters and the drawing that this will be one adventure you’ll be glad to be a part of.  So unlike the title says don’t “Stand Still. Stay Silent” about this one, share, share, share!!

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Website: www.sssscomic.com




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