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BrothersThreePOTMHeaderTales of the Brothers Three is narrated in part by Mortimer J. Moose, who has a really good view of the family from his perch there upon the wall.  The story follows the family life of three brothers, one very precocious and the other 2…well, let’s just say very imaginative.

2009-10-04 BThree Strip 118 (new)

The Three before mentioned brothers consist of Keith, the oldest who is in a pretty big hurry to grow up, but still clings to the imagination of his youth.  The middle one, Wayne, the adventurer of the group, his antics usually lead the brothers into some of their more hair raising adventures;  and last but not least is the youngest Dougie.  Dougie is one big ball of energy, and not afraid of much, especially when he dons his cape and becomes Super Dougie, although that often means his cape is the only thing he dons.

2009-11-15 BThree Strip 124 (new)

Whether they are fishing for sharks in the toilet, battling tribes of wild men in the basement, or thwarting Christmas eve attacks by aliens the brothers are always doing it together.  Though some antics may be at the others expense, there’s always a lot of love to share.   Wayne is encouraged along the way by his stuffed animal Monster, Mook.   Mook sort of becomes that voice in his head that says “Do it! What’s the worse that can happen?”  Mom and Dad just find themselves enjoying the show letting their boys be boys.

2010-08-29 BThree 209

Joshua Hauke has created a really fun family in his comic that you find yourself anxiously waiting to be a part of with the next update.   It is a family friendly comic that all ages will get a kick out of.  Being the youngest of three boys I found it to be relatable, but even an only child will find great laughs from Tales of the Brothers Three.  Now with three boys of my own I once again find this to now be a forewarning to not leave them alone too long. 🙂

Tales of the Brothers Three was started back in 2009 and updates on Sunday’s,  so even with years of archives they are not so overwhelming that a first time reader won’t be able to start from the beginning and be caught up in no time.  I highly recommend starting from the first to watch the dynamic growth of the brothers, meet the grandparents, watch mom and dad navigate life being officially outnumbered, and see how Mook and Wayne’s dynamic can really get the boys in some bone breaking trouble.

2009-06-13-BThree Strip 102 (new)

Make sure to go check out The Tales of the Brothers Three and make it a part of your weekly visits, you’ll be glad you did.  


Also, if you need help there’s also the “Ask Dad” portion of the site, where dear dad lays out his pearls of wisdom.  Ask and Dad will answer, remember he’s survived the brothers three, so you know he’s been there and done that.

Make sure to stop back by on March 18th as we get to know Joshua Hauke a little better as he tackles our “10 Questions” for the Pick of the Week.

Website: http://www.brothers3comics.com/

Follow Mortimer J. Moose on Twitter (He’ll keep you informed of updates):  http://www.twitter.com/mortimerjmoose

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  1. You never know where Josh is going to take the Brothers 3! I often wonder ” how did he come up with that?” His imagination is astounding and his art is a real joy.

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