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So my first article for the Webcomic Alliance is a Pick of the Month! No pressure, right? I just have to pick something that is going to be featured for the ENTIRE month of October. No pressure at all.

Thank goodness I know of a great comic that hasn’t been featured on the site yet! So sit back and let me introduce you to the fabulous world of Tamuran!

Tamuran is an epic fantasy web-comic, full of political intrigue, monsters, shape shifters, magic, and action. The comic is adapted to script from a chat role-play that started in August 2008 and is currently ongoing. H.A. “Chezhnian” Kennedy, Eren Fitzgerald, and Tressyem were involved in the role-playing game, but Chezhnian and Eren adapt the story to script. Then Eren storyboards the pages in Manga Studio, prints and transfers them to Bristol board, then pencils, inks, and shades using a variety of media.

Nine-hundred years ago, the dark sorcerers of the land of Inikis were defeated in the Battle of Souls. Their country was broken off from the continent and sealed away with magic. Now the magics that created the seal are breaking down, releasing the sorcerers who have had almost a millennium to plan their revenge!


Betrayed, his home thrown in to chaos, the young heir to the throne of Tamuran must carry a message far across his country, through the wilds and through untold dangers. He picks up a group of protectors on the way, but each one seems to bring their own problems and perils to the group as well!

If you love beautifully developed and rich settings, then Tamuran is probably up your alley. Everything is intricate and really thought out, and you’ll get to explore it through the pages of this comic. Some of the races are unlike anything I’ve seen before in fantasy settings. Yes, you still get your elves, but there’s also the magical and ancient Tu Naul race that serve many different roles, including becoming shape-shifting companions for some humans. You can delve in to the world either by reading the story itself, or checking the World page and browsing the Lexicon for additional information about some of the races, kingdoms, locations, and terminology of Tamuran. (Oh, and there’s also a beautiful map!)


I’d be doing a disservice if I didn’t speak about the amazing characters, too. The characters are well-developed, and have motivations that are very deep to each of them. Even the characters that I don’t necessarily like, I can understand why they act the way that they do. Eren’s art brings the personality of each character to life with brilliant acting and facial expressions. Put these amazing characters in to a setting that is as lovingly drawn as it is written and you’ve got a winning combination!

Currently the comic updates twice a week, and with 15 chapters currently in the archive, you can spend a good amount of time getting lost in the story before being caught up.

Read Tamuran here!


LizPicWhen Liz Staley isn’t writing books about Manga Studio 5, or recording tutorial videos about Manga Studio 5, then she can probably be found drawing something in Manga Studio 5. A certified MS5 junkie, she’s written two books about the software: “Mastering Manga Studio 5” and “The Manga Studio EX 5 Cookbook.”

Her current comic project is a love letter to 70’s and 80’s giant robot anime called “Adrastus“, which she has been working on since 2010.

And because every group needs a Weird Horse Girl, she fills that role as well.

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