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A Shuffle of feet, bloodshot eyes, creaking bones and groans that fill the corridors.  No those aren’t the sounds of a cartoonist waking up after their 2 hour sleep getting ready to face another day, it’s the sound of The Angry Dead.  The Angry Dead by Tauhid Bondia serves up a lot of zombies and a lot action as we are dropped into the middle of the Apocalypse as part of group of survivors just looking for a way to stay alive one more day.


Tauhid’s approach brings together a very eclectic group that given other circumstances probably would not find themselves travelling through life together.  All of them bring something unique to the group, well most of them are contributing some more some less, but if they are going to survive they must do it together.  Always on the guard always moving is the life of a survivor and you have to stay one step ahead or you’ll soon be shuffling along with the herd.


Tauhid’s style is very unique in that the characters he create really take on a life of their own.  Their mannerisms, their posture, their over all look make each one a unique fit to each panel. He definitely is pouring a lot of heart into these strips and it shows.   As the strip progesses we see glimpses into the lives of other survivors, and we find they aren’t fairing quite so well as the seven survivors we are first introduced to.   Tauhid takes the strip and breaks the story into Chapters, which is a really nice approach for a Long Form Comic, giving new readers a chance to see how the stories progressing and a way to move the story line along at different times to further future placement by simply starting a new Chapter.  Not to mention gives a good structure for when that book comes out…and oh man will this comic strip be awesome in book format.


One of the things I personally love about this strip, aside from the zombies, I mean who doesn’t love zombies, are the characters and how invested you become in one of them or many instantly.  But be careful, as we saw in Chapter 1 the rug can be pulled out from under our feet pretty quick when it comes to characters.

For those of you who are discovering The Angry Dead through this post please take some time and start from the beginning with this one.  With updates 3 times a week, MWF, the archives are growing but aren’t so large yet that you won’t be able to jump to the beginning and catch up in no time.


Make sure to come back on October 21st as Tauhid takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month“.  Now sally forth and brush up on your survivor skills and check out “The Angry Dead”.

Website: www.theangrydead.com

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