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WA_headersI’m going to do something a little different this month and leave the entire month dedicated to the Pick of the Month main posting.  The POTM for November is “The Infinite Corpse“.   Due to the number of artists involved, and hopefully one day you as well, there will not be a 10 Questions follow up this month, instead I want to leave the primary posting up all month long for those coming to the site at various times of the month to find out about this fun and creative collaboration project open for everyone.

If you are not familiar with this site you’ll find after a few minutes you’ll be instantly hooked. So what is “The Infinite Corpse” you ask? Well the comic centers around Corpsey and his continuing adventures, but what sets this comic apart is that as of today there are 425 artists involved with this creation, that’s right 425 and growing. Each artist creates 3 panels and the next artist follows up with that artists panels, and so on and so on. The artists can take the story anywhere they want. To the future, to the past, to alternate dimensions; where ever their imagination drives it. There are just 7 simple rules that have to be followed.


  • The actions within the panels must be clear, and easy to read.
  • Three perfectly square panels which directly follow the previous artist’s panels, in your own style, in your own palette. Draw Corpsey how you would draw him, not necessarily how the artist before you did. Black and white or color are both encouraged. We’d love it to be a wonderful patchwork of all sorts of things, but no halftones please. Leave a small margin of white space around each panel.
  • The main character Corpsey must always be in the comic. He is already dead, so you cannot kill him. Your panels cannot be the end of the comic.
  • Keep it PG-13. (We’d like this to be a place where anybody can come and draw and contribute.)
  • Panels must be RGB, at least 1200×1200 pixels, and saved as JPGs.
  • Please DO NOT include characters from your own comics, or others already created. We want this to be 100% original.
  • Do not post your panels online until they have been up on the Infinite Corpse.

A HELPFUL HINT: try not to introduce non sequiturs. The best way to go is to naturally continue the story.

One last thing: hand lettering your text will greatly please the Trubble Club. It is highly recommended.


First GroupOne of the greatest things about Infinite Corpse, aside from the fact that this is open to any and all artists, is that you can jump in anywhere in the story, there is not official beginning or ending,thus a truly infinite story.  Infinite Corpse was started by the Trubble Club out of Chicago, Illinois and is an online collaborative comic set up to encourage continual contributions and to serve as a useful place for narrative artists.  A place that allows creative juices to keep flowing, and to experience that occasional sense of instant gratification by an artist.

Second Group


The Infinite Corpse takes it’s initial inspiration from one book, and one idea: The Narrative Corpse, put out by RAW in the 1990’s.  It was a book based on Le Cadavre Exquis (The Exquisitive Corpse), a parlor game played by French Surrealists in the early 1920’s.  69 cartoonists drew 3 panels after another, each only seeing the 3 before them.  The initial panel for The Infinite Corpse picked up where that book left off.  The Trubble Club makes it clear that this will never become a printed book and prides itself on the fact that an online comic does not have to obey conventional page restrictions.  Thus an online home suits it best allowing it to grow without borders and restrictions.

Third Group


I really encourage you as artists to contribute to this site.  It’s a great way to step outside your comfort zone and a way to help continue growing the comic community.  This is such a fun site and one that has so many trails with current and future contributions that once you start you’ll be excited to come back.

You can check out the site here:  http://corpsey.trubbleclub.com/

Feel like contributing: http://corpsey.trubbleclub.com/contribute/

Follow Infinite Corpse on Twitter and Facebook:




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