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Here we are in the middle of the Summer, the days are too hot and the only time we can really enjoy being outside is at night, well now we have something in common with our Pick of the Month for July, Vinnie the Vampire.   Vinnie and his family go through the same life problems we do, with the exception of their worries about that summer sunburn are a bit more life threatening than ours.


Vinnie is your normal every day vampire teenager, working hard to establish his place as the older sibling to one very pernicious sister, Sunny.   If Vinnie’s life didn’t already have enough bumps in the road, in moves Vampa, the family patriarch, and boy oh boy can he be one crotchety old geezer.  Vampa seems to have it out for Vinnie, their generation gap has them going back and forth so much one day I won’t be surprised to see one of them wake up to a stake in the heart.


Vinnie the Vampire is rounded out with other cast and characters, such as Belfry the pet bat that Vinnie rescues, and their canine guardian, the ever ferocious and very insightful Bob.  We get to experience the life of a Vampire in a very fun and witty way, as we watch Vinnie weave his ways through the perils of girls, work, and just surviving his family long enough to one day hopefully have a normal life.


Tim Green takes a very fun and energetic approach to the Vampire Story, taking us into a family of Vampires, and introducing us to a Vampire Subculture just like yours and mine, with the only exception of them working the late night shift.  Tim creates a family dynamic and shares it with us through the life of the title mentioned Vinnie the Vampire as he runs the obstacle course of the Teenage Years.  Vinnie updates on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, so fresh content is always waiting for readers.   Not only is Tim a great artist and story teller he’s a wonderful advocate of Webcomics always promoting other artists and their works.  I’ve found so many cool new webcomics through Tim’s Re-Tweets alone.


So for a family friendly new approach on the Vampire story, go check out Vinnie the Vampire.  Also come back on July 15th and get to know Tim a bit more as he takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month“.

Website: www.vinniethevampire.com

Follow Tim Green on Twitter – www.twitter.com/vinnie_vampire



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  1. Thank you so much, Todd! I get so busy moving forward with new comics that I forget about some of the ones from the past! It was a blast to see the comics you picked to showcase in the article! You have no idea how excited and honored I am to be featured as July’s “POTM!” 🙂

    • Our Pleasure Tim. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and a chance to trot down memory lane with some of your great work from the past used in the post. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer. Maybe Vinnie will have something to smile about for a while, we promise he wont’ have to wear a Webcomic Alliance bobble top hat. 🙂

  2. I’ve been following Vinnie the Vampire since the very beginning and I’m a big fan. Tim is a consummate creator, he takes his strip and all his characters as serious as a bite to the jugular. He never misses a chance to thrill his audience, either. He’ll produce these super huge Sunday-style, double-tiered strips that are three times the size of a normal update, just to give his audience something extra. You won’t see too many other creators attempt that, considering the amount of work involved!

    Vinnie can’t seem to get a break, Sunny has trouble curbing her sweet little sociopathic nature (but it’s hard to stay mad at her – just look at that cute lil fang, how could you?), Vampa is the oldest, baddest, most curmudgeony kick-ass in the world, once Bob gets a grip on something he tears the truth to the bone, and Belfry flaps to the tune of a different drummer.

    Anyone who sees Tim’s work or follows him on Twitter knows how dedicated he is to his craft and his strip, it’s a love affair that really shows. Thanks, Todd, for picking this great strip, and thanks, Tim for producing it!

  3. I can only echo what’s already been said because it’s all true. Vinnie the Vampire is a great webcomic that’s well worth a read and a delight to come back to every week! Tim is very passionate about his work indeed and he also is very, very supportive of fellow comic creators, including myself so thanks for all you do! The webcomic scene is a better place because of you, Tim!

  4. Great to see this comic getting some well-deserved props! I hope this article introduces Tim’s comic to a multitude of new fans!! Congrats!

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  6. Great choice for POTM! Vinnie The Vampire is one of my favorite webcomics around. It’s about vampires essentially, but creator, Tim Green, doesn’t limit his stories and adventures to your common stereotypical vampire lore. He really raises the bar and pushes the confines of entertainment into pure bliss. Good work, Tim!

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