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No job too big or too small for eight year old entrepreneur Veronica and her partner, Yeti.   This month we present Yeti 4 Hire by the talented Jeff Crowther.  An out of work Yeti and an eight year old work savvy young entrepreneur are just what the town of Squaresville need.  Whether they are cornering the odd job market or thwarting villains they are always working to do right and help out anyone in need.   With a Yeti as your friend no day would ever be ordinary, but the Yeti is not the only thing causing excitement these days in Squaresville.  There are villains out there, and our blue hero looks to be the only one that can stop them.


Jeff Crowther creates a vivid world with his layout styles and characters that drops the reader right into the pages of a family friendly and exciting comic.  Jeff creates a chapter style story line for Yeti 4 Hire, running each one several weeks with weekly updates on Wednesday so each Chapter feels like a new comic book, with the panels and flow, its a great way to enjoy a story such as this.  Yeti 4 Hire has been online since August 2012 so the archives are not overwhelming and the story lines are so much fun one can’t help but want to start from the beginning and enjoy the adventures of Veronica and Yeti.  So I encourage you to do just that.

Along the way you will meet villains such as The Human Vise, Professor Bat Face and Los Deadly Sombreros to name a few, and you’ll see how Veronica and Yeti deal with these distractions while staying on course to earn that next dollar and/or burritos.


But never fear our duo are not alone, they get help along the way from Doctor Hooper, one of Squaresville’s finest scientists.  Nothing can stop Yeti, well except food that is.  You can only imagine being that large and that busy he can consume some food, and boy does he. 

HopperSo if you are looking for a delivery service or just a great comic to follow you’ve come to the right place.  You definitely won’t be disappointed by the work that Jeff has created here with Yeti 4 Hire.  So start off your New Year in style and make Yeti 4 Hire a part of your weekly comic goodness.

Make sure to come back on January 20th as Jeff takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.  This will be a great way to get to learn more about Jeff Crowther, and what brought him into this wonderful world of comic making.  In the mean time go check out Yeti 4 Hire.

Website: www.yeti4hire.com


Like Yeti on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Yeti4Hire


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  1. Yeti For Hire captures a real sense of what it’s like to be a kid. It’s filled with good humor, wonder and fun. When I read it, I feel like I’m watching a really great cartoon show. I love Jeff’s character designs and layouts, and his color sparkles. Bring on that Yeti plushie, Jeff!

  2. Jeff’s art is truly fantastic and I love seeing a Yeti 4 Hire page. It’s such a fun and fantastic comic that is a blast to read and just soak in. You made a great choice and really started the New Year off right!

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