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For this Pick of the Week, I thought I’d do something a little different and give the artist a chance to chime in.  Stephen Beals does a comic called “Cheesebo”.   You can find Mr. Beals on Twitter HERE and view his daily comic HERE.  So, without further ado, here’s what Stephen said about his comic:

What’s your “elevator pitch” when people ask you about your comic?

Cheesebo is a site where I post some of my creative attempts for the day. It can be my recurring characters, just a gag with nameless characters, or even a strip with a different theme. You can do whatever you want on the web, so I try to take advantage of that.

The comic with recurring characters is called Adult Children (reruns can be seen under that title at http://www.gocomics.com/adult-children). It’s changed over the years and considering my wife hates this title I reserve the right to change it in the future.

I essentially took my personality and separated it into a Freudian Id, Ego, and Superego. Berle is the Id, Harvey is the Ego and the Superego slot is supposed to be Sally, but I haven’t written as much for her as I should. Superego is kind of boring anyway, isn’t it?  Claremont, the dog, contains whatever purity I have along with every fear that I have.

What motivated you to start the comic?

When I was a kid, I moved to a different city. I missed my friends and decided to start drawing about them after reading an article on Cathy Guisewite.

How long you been doing the comic?

I first drew Harvey (who is named after my grandfather) in 1979. I was a month old. Or nine. One of those two. I’ve made many different strips over the years, with different themes, but I keep returning to this one because I have fun with it.

You update daily, how do you manage that with a full time gig?

I learned how to make a comic a day in high school. That made me a chick magnet. No, wait. What’s the opposite of magnet? Anyway, I have the luxury of working in advertising and work from home two days a week. I can work on a comic between projects or while waiting on phone calls. I also have a very odd sleeping schedule, which is to say that the word “schedule” can’t exactly be applied to my sleeping habits.

In general terms, how would you describe yourself (designer, cartoonist, bum, etc.)?

Definitely a bum. I have a B.F.A. I studied at the Herron School of Art on weekends from the seventh grade until college. Then my focus was on animation at the California Institute of the Arts. After escaping L.A., I became a graphic artist. I’m described by clients as a designer/cartoonist, so I think I’ll take their word for it.

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  1. Thank youuuu! I almost look like a real person, here.

    I forgot to mention that I’m the love child of Charles Schulz and Cher. I thought that would open doors for me, but so far …. nothing.

  2. This is an awesome write up of Stephen Beals creation. I have been a fan of Cheesebo for over a year now and love digging back through the older stuff, and the new stuff…the new stuff is good too. 🙂

    Stephen, from my interactions with him on twitter, is a really great guy and I’m glad you chose to spotlight him as the POTW Byron, he is definitely deserving of this honor.

  3. I love Stephen’s work! He really puts a lot of thought into what he places in each one of those panels. Claremont can’t be beat, and who can’t help but love Berle? In fact, Berle is so real, I think he must be living somewhere near the Beals residence. Cheesebo never fails to capture life’s foibles — sometimes with a velvet touch, other times with a sledgehammer, and maybe with a little slapstick too, but always with finely-calibrated comic accuracy.

  4. Cheesebo has always been a dependably funny and poignant comic. Stephen touches upon subjects that we all have opinions about but never knew anyone else felt the same way. That’s a sign of a great writer and cartoonist. Keep up the good work, man!

  5. Wow, I hope nobody negatively comments before I can show this to my wife. I admired everyone commenting BEFORE they commented. No, really. You guys are great!

    Free drinks at my place! Wait, I can’t show that part to my wife….

  6. Actually, I think Berle lives IN the Beals residence! No, seriously, Stephen Beals is not only a great cartoonist and writer; he’s also a great human being. Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of knowing him personally is truly missing out. I have found that his “real-life” comments are not only hysterical, but are also heart-warming with a style of intelligence that is always all his own. And, yes, that thing about he being the love child of Charles Schulz and Cher. True. All true. Weird, right?

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