Tales of a Checkered Man

This week, the old fart steps in and does the Pick of the Week! I wanted to do this one as the comic at hand is a send up of classic masked caped-crusaders and I grew up on such comic book heroes.  Only this nameless hero has more then his share of set backs… namely he’s afraid of heights and lives in an apartment with his cousin Dougy.

So, the “Tales of a Checkered Man” kicks off like a classic comic book of old.  It has great lines and fantastic tones set the mood perfectly.  Artist/creator Denver Brubaker does an excellent job of nodding his hat to classic heroes with this comic.  Updating twice a week since April of 2010, Mr. Brubaker brings us a continuing story each and every week.  And like Mad magazine in the day, there are little jokes or references in the background too.  There’s a lot going on in this newspaper style comic strip.

In a nutshell, “Tales of a Checkered Man” is a nod to the masked mystery men of classic pulps and newspaper comics of the day.  Our nameless hero (thus far) is armed with the best of intentions as he learns to become the hero he imagines himself to be.  Mr. Brubaker goes on to say in  his brief bio that he has an entire bathroom decorated in Superman stuff… a sign he’s not yet married.  But, good for you Denver!  Hold on to that design as long as you can!

Despite our comic hero being a fan of the second Star Wars trilogy, I still give this comic a big thumbs up.  Its great use of Black and White tones and fantastic jokes at the narrator style these comics of old were told draw you back time after time.  A good sign is I’m left wanting more.  Perhaps Mr. Brubaker will find it worth while to up the ante to three updates per week.  We can only hope he does.  With that said, head on over and give the comic a read.  It is worth the while reading through the archive as you get the style and pacing of the comic.

All I can say is well done Denver and I hope you continued success!

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