Webcomic Workshop #10

This podcast we cover:

Podcast #10 is a review of issues we’ve brought to the table and we chat about the results of our actions suggested in the podcast.  Some of the results were very interesting!  And Antoine is fine form with his swearing and kazoo, Dawn is drunk on White Russians while Ken just tolerates us as normal and Byron brings us an opening from Futurama.

Drink of the Week: Captain Morgan.

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  1. Very fun podcast, guys!
    It was like the four of you were hanging out in a virtual tavern, having a few drinks and catching up. Seems like the first five minutes were censored but then after that Byron said “F@#$ it!” and let it go! The kazoo cracked me up (loved Dawn’s comment about Antoine snoozing with the kazoo still in his mouth…).
    It was also nice to hear how you guys have grown with the help of the Alliance, and what it’s meant to each of you personally. You definitely have a “alliance” formed with each other and it makes a interesting mix.

    Looking forward to your next show!

  2. Artist Collector Card or Artist Sketch Card! Dawn (I think that’s the person who brought up the subject) with the running ink (painting on water colour board that was inkjet with line art) problem.

    1, Look into an Epson printer. Look for the ones which uses pigments, not dyes (most printers). Epson use real pigments and it’s water proof, too.

    2, I decided to make the leap into doing my own web comic, I’ve been listening to your podcast (aswell as 910community) on the topic.

    3, You (and 910community…except for their bad audio recording) have one of the most useful and informative podcast ever.

    4, Request: Any and all topic on making comics, making money from comics, business dealings, merchandising. I NEED more podcast from you guys!!!

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