Webcomic Workshop #11

This podcast we review the C2E2 Comic Convention held March 18 – 20, 2011, in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Byron talks about comparing how we set up our tables this year compared to last year’s show, Ken covers working on your “pitch” for your comic and products and Dawn goes over her fear of public speaking then Kurt gives us a nice review of the show itself as he was able to walk the entire con floor as he did his interviews.

Drinks of the Morning: Mountain Dew, Water, Starbucks Coffee and imaginary beer.

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  1. We’re on a mission from GAAD. Great intro, Blues Bros….

    I never would have figured that Dawn and Ken would have the stage fright, considering how relaxed they sound on the podcast. I agree with Byron – the only way you conquer your fear is to meet it head on.

    You folks should definitely do a panel. The more you do, the easier it is speaking in front of crowds. I’m like Ken – I have to give creative presentations and pitches all the time, and depending on the importance level of the client, it is easy to kill yourself with self-doubt. Don’t overthink it – just talk about what you’re comfortable with and you’ll look like a pro.

    When all else fails, blame it on Antoine.

    Glad to hear C2E2 was a success. I was invited to speak on a panel but declined because I didn’t feel like I was ready. Had I gone, I definitely would have dropped in to see you folks and say hello!

    There’s always next year!

    • Thanks Drezz! Yep, for me there’s a big difference between chatting with friends via skype, and talking to strangers up on stage with the spotlight on you! I wasn’t nearly this nervous about pushing my comic & kids books from behind my table…. I have only gotten better at that. I guess it’s just the sheer quantity of people all focused on me.

      I’ll just have to seize these opportunities and even though I’m nervous about it… push myself to do panels and tackel public speaking head-on. eek!

      Hope to see you at C2E2 next year!

  2. I’m with Drezz. You guys should do a panel, and spend some time focusing on how you work together as a group. This was an interesting podcast, from the background ambience of people milling about to the takes each of you had about the show, fresh from the convention floor. It was great hearing from Kurt Sasso, who brought some great ideas to the table. Another thing just came to me (Dawn’s gonna love this one), how about doing a WA Workshop live from the show in front of a live audience! That would be a blast to have audience reaction in real time. As for speaking in front of a group, I’m in the same category as Ken and Drezz, and the more you do the less stressful it gets (it’s never easy…). Though, it is different when you have to do it for your boss than when you do it for yourself, I think. You have more of an investment with your personal work, so you are a bit more exposed. Dawn, I would love to hear you speak publicly, I believe in you, and with practice I know you can make it happen. You guys keep up the great ‘casts, your work is really appreciated.

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