Webcomic Workshop #28

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This podcast we discuss:

Antoine Conventions for smaller artists: Should I advertise I do quick commissions or should I focus on greating and talking to people?

Drezz What is the benefit of showing HOW your comic is produced? (streaming video, process blog, etc) Is it wiser to keep the secrets of your magic so people remain in wonder, or is it important to show people how its done so they can learn how to DIY it?

Dawn Would just like to pick your brains (eww) about easy, quick, non-time-consuming extras that I could offer registered members, if I decided to set up a membership side to Z&F’s site. That, and what would you put behind the paywall, if anything?

Ken Is it too much to rely on a certain construct of a storyline. Like the Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) scenario for instance, where a character gets knocked out and has an adventure and awakes just in time and everything is alright.

No special comment at the end of this podcast – but be sure to catch the outtakes!

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  1. Antoine – You should advertise the commissions as they said to you, it varies where your money at. But no one actually says it has to be done ASAP, you can do the commissions on your down time or even after you close up shop. You can always say its 10$ and it get mailed to you or email to you, then 15$ to have it done before con is over, just an example btw. Some artist do that they get such a load they can not finish it at the con some others do not.

    Just remember the con is not only to sell stuff but network and network you should do, get new fans and talk to others. You may not earn lots of money but you can over time. The best way to think about it is would you rather make 5$ now only or 5$ every week or day.

    Drezz – As was told to you people love it they do, most people you be surprised will never use anything you show they just like watching. Some people just like a place to talk to others that have the same interest as them weather it be a crappy sport or your comic, it’s a good point to meet people and talk, so really odds are only maybe half or so will be there to learn others will be there to watch or chat away. Besides, this will also let you see how your fans think and act, maybe you can learn to reach for more or just see if you want those fans. Also, you may get more people that way, as stated before people like to watch and sometimes they turn into cats and get curious.

    Dawn – Best thing I can tell you is actually kinda funny, you can do a Q&A or just a voice chat really of just you and fans talking about whatever, once a week maybe while you drawing. It may extend your drawing time but two birds and one stone. Also some (not all) people like vlogs, talk about a movie or something that catches your eyes or even your dogs or ideas, make it vary week to week. If you go to blip.tv or even youtube you can easily post videos there a vlog and become apart of there program where you can earn a few pennies every time someone views your vlog, you can also make it private and so on, they will have to watch commercials, but most can just do something else, or even just skip it if you know how, but that is how you would get money as well. A simple vlog every 2 weeks or so would be something people would like to see as part of the paid site. Most commercials are 15seconds to about a min or so and is only at the start. But that would be a way to make money two ways you could even have it on the free site after a few weeks if it becomes popular.

    Ken – FIRST!!! Mr breaky comic, first when I heard this it would be funny that one day you would revile in BG and other methods that the Super Stick Man actually happens and then him waking up is him loosing those abilities, that is what I think of when you said that in the cast, the first thing anyway. But going back to same thing over and over again, just think about it how much you dislike it, if you hate to see it in comics maybe not a great idea to do it unless it moves the story along or helps out in some way. Even if you hate to admit it the characters are suppose to grow that is how people like them, if not it be another simpsons that people are blah about nowadays.

    I say do not do it, some fans may get mad by making a story that has nothing to do with anything and is a dream, I think Dallas did that and not many people was happy with that, and well, over all it seems like an easy way out, I would think that if the stuff was actually happening and then he just thinks it’s a dream it be a bit more interesting, and he would forget it over time, as all dreams. But for other examples, it be hard to judge but seems as always a easy way to get out of it, imagine if Luke Skywalker instead of shooting the missiles he wakes up or instead of finding out Darth is his dad he wakes up, you be pissed.

    And…… I should stop lol I rant to much >.> and I am sure people have better things to do then read my long talkie nessss But where is the old man? will he return? is his adventures in the negative zone over with? will he be back from woodstock in time? All these and more answers in the next episode!!!

  2. Great show this time around. I agree with everything Lexia said above, just wanted to add a couple of things.

    Antoine – there’s plenty of time for commissions after you make yourself accessible to possible readers. A con is as much or more of a PR event for your brand than it is for squeezing out some bucks (though I don’t see a problem with that). I’ve often seen artists hunched over their commissions ignorant of possible readers who pass them by not wanting to interrupt. That is defeating the purpose of being there in the first place.

    Drezz – about the process. Who doesn’t want to watch an artist create? One of the most fascinating things in the world, right? And what kind of art are you doing that would require a nondisclosure agreement anyway, lol? We all know the tools and the materials and the technology required, each artist has to add their hand to the mix. No matter what you might reveal in your comics-making procedure, we’ve seen it before, the difference is that it is YOU doing the work. Showing how you do it and laying it all out on the table will only serve to inspire in my opinion.

    Dawn – Lexia (above) has some good thoughts in the multimedia arena. Have you considered some sort of Z&F Club concept? Offer membership cards and special pre-production material (sketches, scripts, photos, correspondence – content on a more personal level) not available free on the site. Hardcore fans may be willing to invest in this kind of thing. I believe Rob Balder (Erfworld) is finding some success in a membership-type set-up: http://www.erfworld.com/toolbox-signup/ Just some thoughts.

    Ken – the whole world is a storyline construct. It’s ALL been done before, so I say do what you want. It IS possible to overdo it, the key is to ask yourself: “How would I react if I were reading this? Would I keep repeating myself?” Your inner reader will tell you what to do.

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