Webcomic Workshop #29

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This podcast we discuss:

Byron: When you know you will be late to post a new strip, posting your sketch on schedule: Yay or Nay?

Drezz: Working on a new strip scheduled for release in the new year – should I promote both at a con even though the ideas are completely opposite? Does that dilute the brand of each one even though the targets are completely different? Should I pick and choose which comic to promote at certain cons? Should I look at eventually building myself as a brand over the comics (future goal?)

Marc: I was thinking my issue could be about strategies for bringing a comic back from an extended hiatus. With my work on SuperFogeys, I’ve had to put Spooky Doofus on hiatus, but I have no firm plan on when or if I can bring it back. With work, family and SuperFogeys I don’t have the time to bring it back anytime soon but I do hope to gradually build up enough strips in between other things to bring Spooky Doofus back in some capacity. I guess what I’d really be looking for isn’t so much tips on balancing my time (since you guys covered that topic already) but ideas on marketing the comics return. Maybe we could also discuss putting out a comic at a steady regular schedule verses a “seasons” type approach like television shows do.

Ken: I’m wondering if my brand out performs my comic. Maybe the graphics and design set the wrong expectations – I’m a better designer than I am a comic artist so maybe in trying to look good, as in “the carpet doesn’t match the drapes” (that’s what she said – zing!).

Reader’s issue: From David Reddick: Managing promotions of your comic. For me, it’s a time issue. It’s so hard to take the time to put out ads on other sites and navigate all the promotions it can take when I’m so heavily focused on making comics. Are there any easier solutions? are there people out there who will do that for you in the webcomic community?

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  1. Wow oh wow, he is back but we lost 2 >< evils!!! Oh well today is a sausage fest, WB B-Man Lets see if I can make this short, no one likes to read what I say anyway.

    Byron – What was said was pretty much right, you can post a sketch or an inked version then replace it with a full colored one when it is done, just remember to replace. I know a comic that put up the inks and said the colored one be up by the next day and they ended up never putting up the colored one. But either way as they said already not much else to add, but I do have this…

    If you tend to miss the update more then you like it may be best to change when you update. I changed up my update ones I noticed that there was not much time between the two days to put up the cover I wanted and for people to enjoy as an extra update. But that is me ๐Ÿ™‚ I am strange

    Marc – Already you have an advantage you had fans and you have current fans for the new comic. Once you start updating your own site and having the share buttons around, people will start to share what they like and so on. If you come up with something reddit or 9gag worthy you can try posting it there. Over all, you just gotta restart it and advertise it as you can. If you start the seasons idea, you can advertise before and after the season, really you can do many things with that and since it's only 25 pages or so many many ideas come into my head about that sorta things. Very easy to work with.

    Ken – Your site is better then the comic? Really?? mmm… I been to your site a few hundred times.. AS YOU KNOW and really I did not suspect anything hell I really did not even notice your site much starting to question if you really have one.. I did notice issues but that was comic related =P So really you should far from worry about that issue, also being a designer if you are worry then use those skills to make a site where the focus is the comic, the eye draws to comic!!

    Drezz – As they said as well, its hard to judge cons and so on and also you never know what hit what and just because person next to you have puppy eyes and lizard tails means nothing from your own. Just means you must stand out more. Over all, I think you should be putting yourself out there more then comics, lets face it when you go to a con odds are you make more money sketching wonder woman in her bra and panties then selling your own stuff. So branding yourself should be first. Also when you move on to other projects people will follow you since they not following the comic. Really when you think Stan Lee you think marvel not just spider man or FF he made many things, when you think Rob Liefeld you think youngblood's disease not comic art he did, so over all you should brand yourself, lets face it you will far from do your comic for life a few years 5-10 years and you will drop it or move on. Just do not do a VG Cats and never mention anything.

    Over all brand yourself and comics second. Remember comics help you get out there you do not help the comics.

    Reader – Ummm.. No, lol really you are on your own, best thing I can say is mark a day or two a month on el calender and just go on and advertise or work on fan art or other things to get more people. Over all you are alone unless you make money that you want to spend it, it will be hard to get extra audience but far from impossible, if all else fails translate comic into other languages, that may end up helping you get other audience from other countries but that is a hit or miss. Maybe do something easy like Spanish or French first some editing and rewriting may be in order, but if that works figure other countries that people do not speak english but do go on internet and start aiming for them.

    ANNNNDDD…. It is long again.. Sorry ๐Ÿ™ Hope I help if not then… sorry beans and cookie crisps!!! I gotta splash some budweiser on the Drunken Fool maybe that will get him on here I miss thee cow bells!!

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