Webcomic Workshop #34

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! Happy New Year! First Podcast of 2012!

This podcast we discuss:

Antoine:  The more different Social Medias we are using, the more we start using tools that is duplicating posts from one to another. At what point using multiple Social Medias is too much? Or is it the more the merrier? Or the more you use (and duplicate the posts) the more it becomes less personal and marketing focused only?

Byron:  Am I putting too much effort into my pencils?  I do a rough sketch layter, then I do a nearly finished pencil layer, then essentially I trace over that finished pencil layer.  When I see pencils for comic books, they are practically identical to the inks, but usually the inks are done by a separate person.  In comic strips, in most cases, the inks are done by the same artist who did the pencils.  So, am I wasting time doing such finished pencils?

Ken:  What’s the best way to jump back in from putting your comic on hold – what’s the best way to make a splash and generate some excitement?

Dawn:  I’m doing my 500th comic this week. I have already revealed that the “big surprise” is that it will be 100% done by hand, start-to-finish, no computers used until I scan the final piece. What are some other awesome landmark ideas you have seen or have done? Something to make the update special and exciting for your readers?

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  1. Milestones with webcomics ARE a big deal with the readers. They really feel part of something big when the announcement is made.

    Paper comics used to publish annuals back in the day. After only 12 issues they created a special issue that people still ran out and read/collected. Some people really looked forward to them, as something big usually happened.

    Recognizes milestones, also helps to break up the monotony of “normal” updates too.

    • Thanks Aaron, I agree that your hardcore readers who have been reading for a while will enjoy the extra effort you put into a landmark comic, or may just be happy to be around when you hit that big #_____. My hunch is Byron was referring to casual or new readers… they may not care quite as much. And it’s true… savvy webcomic readers KNOW anyone can make a webcomic and there’s tons of bad ones out there. The fact that anyone can make 500 comics (even if they’re bad) kind of devalues the landmark comics of those who have great comics… so the cynical reader may think, “meh, so what? Is this comic GOOD? If not, then I don’t care if there’s 500 or 5, I’m not reading.” It’s probably more valuable to the creator, to look back and reflect on their accomplishments, and THAT is more important than the cynical reader’s reaction. (of course, this is a tangent from the original “issue”)

      Fellow creators, now we may appreciate anyone’s landmark comics regardless of popularity or talent, we know what it takes to get there.

  2. Ooooo I gets to talk ^-^ I waited to LOL

    Antoine: No… Dun do that use a tool for all sites that will get annoying as you said. For me, (this what I do) I use different Social media for different things. I have one to spam (facebook) everyone there already spams so my own is not bad I post updates and what not from their. G+ I try to use just to chat and the once in a grey moon post up something over all I just chat and reply. Twitter is connected to my Tumblr account.. oddly I most just chat odds and ends and retweet and reply to others mostly, probably why I have little followers lol. But over all not a great idea to post same things over and over and over again people get sick of that and will tune that out and soon you out. Which is something you do not want to do, just think of all the people you tune out.

    Byron: YES!! But!! Very big BUT, practice new things if you want to put that much effort into it. If you stop penciling in that great of detail that leads you free to try new things and work on improving in different areas, after all to get better you have to leave your comfort zone =3

    Ken: Well, posting before hand would be nice, you do not want to spend money you already in G+ so when you post people will see it. If you want outside people to view it, it will be harder but once you start posting you will get some people to spread the word.

    Dawn: mmm… My idea was to make your site look like it first did when you started but with new art and so on for the 500th comic but that seems more like a annie then a comic thing. Most fans (not all) do not really care about how many comics you posted so on, the die hard fans will and some will get excited if you do. I think years worth is much more important over all, I mean if you updated daily 500 comics is not even 2 years, so does not seem that big if you look at it over all, yes updating daily is hard but still, 500 comics is not that big a deal lots of people get to 500 as well, I would watch out for more milestones fewer have reached or just for years around that be more fun since you can make it a whole site event and for a year =3 like a site redesign or a special story if you made a subscription area so on and so on.

    If I remember right (which I probably do not) you update 2 days or so a week, whice comes out to 104 comics a year if you miss none and that comes out to 4.8 years or so with 500 comics 5 years up is a much better event then just 500 comics in that scale it seems bigger and more worth it. That is what I thinks anyway.

    Now a little extra… COOKIES!!!

    That is all =3 be free to ignore the crazy one @.@

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