Webcomic Workshop #38

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Drezz:  Switching gears – I’m looking for some insight on how to get creatively ‘centered’ on a project when you’re working on two things that are radically different at the same time. What do you do in order to stay focused?

Dawn:  Tips on painting resin models: what paints to use, do you need a primer or finish? Also, do you think it’s worth the hours spent painting figurines, just to add to my con table presentation, if few want to spend $20-25 on it?

Byron:  I want to go back to the topic of “are conventions a good way to promote your comic” as I’ve done a few and realize, that at this point in time in my comic career, they’re a waste of money.  Point – counterpoint on this, as I’ve seen some newbies ask what they should do for their first con and my opinion is “don’t do them unless you’ve got a big audience”.

Ken:  I’m wondering if I should switch from daily comic to doing books. I’ve gotten a much better response to the book than I have for the comic as people can relate to it better. That’s where it dawned on me that maybe the comic will never catch on. I enjoy doing the comic, but the book has been so much more satisfying.

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  1. I enjoyed this discussion a lot. I can really relate to Ken, and wondering about switching to a book format. Nice to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the matter. Thanks!

  2. Drezz: Well… I think everyone elses ideas are good, but your issue is more or less that you working on something then ideas come along and haunt you, you want to finish one thing but then you get ideas for it or you working on something else and get ideas for the other, this happens a lot, the best thing to do is just figure an end for one and just do that, other ideas can be used in new books with work and also other ideas can be used in future as long as end is open enough (specials and what not) it basically is you have to pick a road and stick with it, change ideas slightly and improve on them as you move along, but do not steer away from that road or you will get lost.

    Dawn: Well, for the person painting models and not using model paint, I would say this with a link.. http://www.amazon.com/Sid-Meiers-Civilization-V-Special-Linux/dp/B003O6EFW6/ref=sr_1_35?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1333094936&sr=1-35

    Click that link, you see, you can sell them or give them away or keep em forever but you forget a market called Special or Collectors edition market where they can take a game or comic and mark it up way way more to sell it and so on, a way to get more money from people. What you gotta do is make it awesome, make it worth the price and odds are you already have a ton of the stuff you need to make it. You can add old sketches comics you made but turned down because of odd reasons, explain that in the special and sell the doll and anything else you want in one bundle make it something people will want and limiting the amount would help. Die hard fans would get it and people that like good deals, a win win for all.

    Byron: I think your comic like many others suffer from same issue, they are not targeting correctly. If you have a comic and going to a comic con would make sense.. but then also there is more and better ways to get around. I would say still do one or two comic cons for basically fun, local ones or ones you are around friends, but over all do not just attend cons, for me, oddly if I want to hit cons I have many choices, Comic, anime, Dark, fetish, gothic, fantasy so on, I have choices, and those audience would maybe like my stuff one way or another so for me to JUST hit comic cons is 100% foolish and most people do that, they figure they have comic or draw anime and should only attend those cons, while all their fans and future fans are hitting the other cons. That is over all what everyone in the show was talking about yes your comic is a Comic, and yes it’s about rock and roll, but you can miss out on other areas to make more fans and some cash it will be risky but worth it in the end.

    Ken: You.. you should know that target audience is kinda important. At times the target is not right and I think your comic is that way as well. Also you should do something you enjoy not have to do. Over all, rick the stick is a good comic but your audience is not the ones you hoped to target so one of two things would have to change, 1> your content or 2> your content, what i mean is you either have to change it to fit the audience you more like to find on the net or change it to fit what it already getting. Once you do that things will change, but at the end i will never stress this enough is, ENJOY it, if that enjoyment is gone then their is no point to do it. Is why I work on two or more comics instead of just one 😉

    Anyway hope you all have fun and enjoy your week this is Lexy signing off with this to say, KJOIUJJ ijOIJO IHIOH

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