Webcomic Workshop #44

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss some issues we’ve had in the past and re-cap where we’re at with them today!

Ken: Thinking of scaling back from five days to one – is that too much and how would you reformat a comic from daily four panel to weekly nine panel? Note, I’d do as I recommended in past podcasts by posting the sketches on Monday, inking (no text) on Wednesday and Final on Friday OR should I do Comic on Monday, sketches on Wed and inking (no text) on Friday?

Dawn: Going to refer back to my issue on Tumblr. I didn’t bother setting up a Tumblr account, and now I’m thinking about cutting back other accounts. I just do not have the time for a Z&F account along with my own account on FB, G+, twitter. I do not get enough interaction to make it worthwhile. Follow-up question: Is it worse to have (for instance) NO Z&F facebook page, or one that gets easily ignored (or potentially annoys people) with only automatic updates when a new comic goes up?

Antoine: Going to reflect on the long I’m in right now and how some previous podcasts helped me in preparing my “new comic version”; how I will launch it, how I will present it, how I will market it, etc…

Drezz: I figured out a potential fix for this isuuuue (Being ‘typecast’ as an artist. I’m doing a comic strip in more of cartoony style, but will people be interested since they’ve been following me for my noir-styled comic, or will they be turned off and disappointed?)

Byron: “What’s Failed: RSS & Feedburner still a major fail on my part.  I don’t get it at all.  I’ll pay someone to do this for me or train me. 🙂  AND What’s Worked: Using Seth Godin’s book “”The Dip”” to motivate myself past my previous dips and getting back on the comic train.

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  1. I think RSS feeds are essential for comics. If a comic I like doesn’t have one, it bothers me. They don’t have to include the comic in the post, but I just use the feeds to keep track of updates.

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