Webcomic Workshop #49

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Byron:  I am sharing the same issue with a listener on a new comic I want to launch in 2013: Do you think it’s a mistake to release a webcomic that’s black & white? It’s not film nior, and the lack of color isn’t artistic specifically. I just would like to release 5 pages weekly, and color isn’t my strength. From: Stephen Fox of http://www.foxstorytelling.com/

Dawn:  Now that Z&F is “seasonal”, meaning 4 months on and 2 months off, should I do away with my Caption Contests? Those used to be my cover for when “life happens”, and I need a week off. Now, I could probably post the contest on Mon, then a comic on Wed, then the winner of the contest on Fri, especially with the buffer I have planned. Would keeping the contests be pushing my luck, or do they still have some merit?

Chris: Have you ever thought you had what you thought was an interesting online promotional gimmick for your comic only to later be accused of promoting spam instead?
Robin:  What is the psychology of a sale?  How do you find the right price point?  EXAMPLE:  At DCC I was offering a poster for $10, but not selling any of them.  On Sunday, I held a special Father’s Day sale for the poster and reduced the price to $7.  We sold almost all of them, but was it the right price point, or the sale?

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  1. Man, I wish I hadn’t missed this podcast… 🙁

    There are plenty of good B+W comics out there. Pokeweed, BUG, Fishbones, etc. As long as your characters have personality and the writing and artwork is good, you’ll be fine. Plus – its far cheaper to print and produce merch for cons. 🙂

    In regards to the content outside of the main content, LOST was ALL over that – they had websites, bonus content, shorts and clips about the ghost corporation, even signups to the Dharma Initiative at SDCC, etc. They were crazy into that meta type media.

    The DM issue – any social media marketing methods will have its detractors. So long as the readers stick around, you’re fine. If that method is turning readers away, then there’s a problem. You’re actually giving something away for free for following – SPAM is usually used to reel someone in. Big difference.

    Robin, I wouldn’t worry about the price-points just yet. Its your first con – you need to do a bit more analysis on the crowd. You have some info now, but keep collecting data over the course f the year, and tweak your sales attack for the next season. Don’t change things up for the sake of changing things up – you could go to another con, and you’ll sell all your posters but no paperbacks. Read your crowd.

    I’m a huge advocate of having a con-team – especially when you’re starting out. If you’re not comfortable engaging people or are busy with commissions, your ‘partner’ can assist in engaging the crowd.


  2. People love the word “sale”. You can have a price of 10.00 in your head,…but if you list it as such,..it may sit. Price it as on sale for 10 bucks and marked down from 13 and you will sell them….go figure.

    I’m generalizing of course,…but I do know that there are certain price points that just work for certain items….it’s a crap shoot.

    • people love a deal. But, in reality, people love THINKING they got a deal…. could be on in the same, or could be BS. As long as both sides are happy, it’s a successful sale. :0)

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