Webcomic Workshop Podcast #50


Holy mackerel!Β  We all get together to celebrate our 50th podcast as Ken Drab and Antoine Gagnon join the usual crowd at the Skype chat window as we chat about the webcomics community and how we came to do the Alliance in the first place. PLUS! A literal f@#$ fest at the end as we sign off with a whole slew of f’in comments.

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  1. Thank you for this podcast.

    I have been following the webcomic alliance for almost a year now, since I started putting out my webcomic. It’s great resources like your site, and the Half Pixel “How to make Webcomic” books that keep me on the straight on narrow and focused at making me want to put out the best webcomic I can.

    But most of all it’s a great community of people that encourage each other into giving it their all. I know I haven’t contributed much, or commented as much as others, but I just wanted to say thanks for all you’ve done. It hasn’t gone unoticed.



  2. (Hah! I meant to make a post on the episode, but just sent an email using the other form above πŸ˜€ )

    Congratulations on 50 episodes! I’m looking forward to another 50, and beyond. πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on 50 F%@#’n episodes guys! The WA has kept me company in my studio while I worked on my strip since the beginning and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact I think of you all as my co-workers (for the record Antoine is the guy that get’s his hand caught in the tape dispenser in the back of the boardroom). Being a guest on one of the earlier shows is still one of the highlights of my young cartooning career and in many ways, still a badge of honor for me. You all do great things for the community and entertain while you do it. Here’s to hoping that 50 is just a drop in the pan for the WA, because I plan to keep drawing for a long time, so I hope to have you all keeping me company while I do it.

  4. Congratulations on the 50th episode! It is pretty amazing that you guys have produced consistently great episodes. Thank you for giving so much to the webcomic community. Also (shameless plug) the major Hispanic network Univision will be airing a story on my webcomic, El Peso Hero. Check out El Peso Hero.com for updates! And once again muchas gracias!

  5. Glad to finaly hear Ken and Antione again.
    Loved Robin’s piece. She was so quiet but when she spoke it was awesome.
    A also like what Dawn said about imagining you life without the comic when you don’t feel like doing it.

    Great 50th podcast! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  6. This was a blast – it was effin crazy, but effin crazy fun. The Super Mario kazoo was the hidden gem in all of this, and then the final degradation into fart noises at the end to cap it off was too much.

    I was happy to be a part of it – and everyone gave some really touching and heartfelt soundbites. It was great to talk shit with Antoine and Ken, and we keep this thing going because of them.

    Thanks for listening, folks!

  7. Congrats on 50 episodes! As a guy pushing 40 who decided to give cartooning a shot, Byron has proved to be particularly inspiring, but all of your advice, experiences, trials and tribulations have proven valuable.

    Approaching middle age, I learned quickly that ‘waiting til I’m good enough’ wasn’t going to work, and I’d have to dive in, so I’m doing that.

    The Alliance has given me lots of support, and encouragement and has helped me through more than a few moments of doubt and frustration, so thanks for that.

    Here’s to 50 more!

    • I loved my 40’s! They were great years. My kids were growing up, my business was successful and life was good. Enjoy them while you have them. But I have to say, with cartooning in my life now, my 50’s rock!

      I’m glad I’ve given you and others like you the inspiration to go after your dreams. You have nothing to lose, so why not? I’m glad I did and seems you are too!

      Rock on, man!

  8. If I haven’t listened to one podcast, I’ve listened to all 50! I’ve been following the alliance since its inception and have found it to be a valuable tool in learning. I don’t mean just learning the craft, I mean learning the emotional and psychological aspects of being a comic creator as well. You guys have covered the gamut on the trials and tribulations of being the Rodney Dangerfield of artistic expression, people either LOVE comics or they just dont get the fascination of it and we are in the middle of it, just trying to find a little lovin for what we do!

    Rick, Byron, French Guy [wink] Antoine, and Dawn, you have always been approachable, friendly, helpful insightful and patient. You’ve taken the isolation I know many comic creators feel in making their work and you’ve given it a team of voices, in both experiences, frailties and insecurities and laid it out there for all to absorb and learn from!

    With Chris, Drezz and Robin now in the fold, we get a whole new set of experiences and new insight. I think any comic creator trying to find his/her way, in what is still uncharted territory, will find that your contribution to the comics community is simply priceless! Really, I truly f*ckin mean that! [smirk]

    Thank You!

  9. wow, everyone! Such wonderful comments that just make me beam with pride. Thanks so much for making this community the helpful, passionate, friendly place that it is! Like Robin said in the episode, we’re a pleasant group who aim to help and NOT compete or bring each other down, and that’s our goal :0)


  10. Congratulations on 50 you guys! I appreciate your advice on making web comics and I love your camaraderie. You have been great company for my long two hour bus rides into New York City. And Byron for thanks for telling us a little about your self. I can relate to some of it and starting my web comic gave me something in life to love when finances got tough. You guys are great and it was nice to hear from Antoine and Ken again. Looking forward to Pod Cast 100!

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  12. Hey guys, congrats on the big 50! I’ve listened to every single one of these and the information contained in them is invaluable stuff. I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough for anyone doing a webcomic. And they are fun.

    Keep it up, I need all the help I can get. πŸ™‚

    • We’re just happy you’re here now! Welcome!! Glad you’re enjoying the show! And if you ever have any questions you want us to discuss on the show, send us an email. We enjoy talking listener issues too!

  13. Hahah, talking about making websites by hand in Notepad brings back so many memories. Thank goodness for WordPress and ComicPress, or I wouldn’t be doing this right now, it would be too much of a hassle!

    Even though I am so far behind and trying to get caught up with the podcast and what you guys have been doing, I wanted to say thanks for being awesome. Thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge and helping out the newbies and the veterans, and sharing your successes and failures with all of us.

    I love that tagline for the Gig Cast. Such great words to live by!

    You guys’ closing thoughts are making me tear up. Thank goodness every once in awhile Antoine or Ken throws in a joke to make me laugh or Byron acts like an old man. And then you guys start dropping F-bombs and I die. XD

    • I don’t act like an old man, I am an old man. πŸ™‚

      Seriously, you’re moving right along in catching up on the podcasts! I have been following your comments.

      And congratulations to you for being a published author with your new Manga Studio 5 book! That rocks!

      As long as folks like you are listening, we’ll keep making them! Now I gotta go f**#in’ lay down…


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