Webcomic Workshop Podcast #52

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Dawn – Many have said smaller volumes is the way to go to market towards kids.  Should I break my 200-comic volumes down into 2 100-comic books?  The pricing evens out in the end, so all it means is I come out with books more often. Smart move, or waste of time?

Drezz – Establishing yourself as a commission-based artist at a con – better to brand yourself as more of a versatile artist than one specific type/style of artist.

Robin – Libraries:  How do you get in them?  How should they be approached?  What makes them more likely to put your book on the shelves?

Chris – Do you ever have the worry about revealing too much of yourself and possibly offending readers who may not agree with you or your point of view?

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  1. Interesting pod cast. Especially the part about being a commission-based artist at cons. I’m struggling with doing commissions of other people’s properties versus pushing only my own properties. During New York Comic Con I did well with commissions of other people’s properties and only an eighth of the money I made was for work related to my own properties. So one would think that I should keep operating in this manner because I’m making some money, but I also wonder if by doing this I’m taking my eye off the grand prize which is to be successful with my own work. I mean isn’t that the end goal we’re all trying to reach? I would love to be like Bill Watterson in that if he were to do a convention, no one even think about asking him to do a sketch of Superman or the Venture Bros. I think about just filling my table with my own product and pushing that for a couple of years even if I have to take a loss on the table expenses. I’m not expecting a solution from you guys. Just relating my thoughts.

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