Webcomic Workshop Podcast #53

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Chris:  Okay, I have occasionally put REAL people in my comic strip. If you do that on a regular basis and something happens to that person in real life – let’s say something negative happens to that person in real life (a car accident, a death or a very serious illness, etc.), how do you handle that in terms of that person’s character within your strip?

Drezz:  Reeling in commission work – for those of you who offer commissions, what do you do to get people interested and signed up, willing to pay for your work. As its stands, I have a few different outlets I could sell to, but I’m not quite sure how to go about setting up the right pitch for it.

Dawn:  Thinking of offering digital books of 100 comics, either on my site or through iTunes (or both). What are some things that could be added to “”spice up”” a downloadable e-book?

Byron:  READER ISSUE ->  Peter Palmiotti: Here’s a question for your group/show… “If you worked in the same studio (all of you) do you think you would be better at what you do, or just distracted!?”

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  1. Good episode and thanks so very much for answering my question!

    Currently I’d love to have others join me in my studio (once or twice a week, scheduled.. not all the time.) don’t know any art (specifically comic folk) in the area, as well as the fact I may move before this years out.
    Regardless I will check into schools or library’s to see if any do exist.

    I worked for Valiant (during the whole Valiant/ Image colab during the 90’s) and left because I lost focus (my fault, became engrossed in what everyone else was up to.)… but in the end I learned far more for being a part of it. Valiant works like no other comic publisher I know, editors, writers, pencilers, colorists and production people all worked in the same office.

    Bob Layton even had random crash courses.

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