Webcomic Workshop Podcast #58

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Byron: What to do at a convention when the artist next to you is more well known and (in your mind) WAY better than you?

Robin: I’d like to give more presentations to kids at schools and libraries. Who do I contact? What do I need?

Chris: I am thinking about re-tiring a part of my convention display that I really like and I think a lot of fans enjoy – my Roy stand-up. I’m thinking about making a smaller, more manageable one. Should I let people know that I’m re-tiring the big stand-up… like THIS will be the last show to get a picture with Roy… Thoughts?

Dawn: Distribution channels through POD publishers like Kablam, Createspace, Lulu, Lightning Source… good for exposure, or not worth the loss in profit?

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  1. Great show guys and I really love Byron’s advice on the press release. That’s something that I think MOST of us need to get our feet wet at.

    May I suggest “How the hell to write a press release” as a future WA article? Cuz I gotta tell ya, I wouldn’t even know where to start as far as the formatting of one.

    • Agreed. I would love a more detailed Press release article from you. It was almost a tease how you said you would discuss it in more detail after the show.

  2. Great podcast guys! I completely agree with marketing yourself instead of your comic, especially if you haven’t “made it big” with a specific title. I just finished my first webcomic that I worked on for 6.5 years and at the end of it I realized that all of my accounts for things like deviant Art, Twitter, etc were made to market that comic. But the comic is over and I’m starting a new one, what do I do then? I had to change my usernames and that would have potentially really sucked if my previous comic had been more successful and people would wonder where I went. haha Now all my usernames are just my name so that I can market any comic that I make with it because I want to make a variety of comics in the future.

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