Webcomic Workshop Podcast #60

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Dawn – Any ideas on how to prepare a portfolio including comics & illustration for an agent.
Drezz – Submitting your work to publishers vs. getting an agent with more connections to work for you. Pros vs. Cons?
Robin – Artist insecurity. How does it manifest for you (if at all) and what are your techniques for overcoming it?
Chris – How to avoid the dreaded “how are sales going?” conversation between artists at a convention in order to keep an upbeat & positive attitude about the show.

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  1. I’m right there with you, Robin. I can’t really draw a line without thinking I am horrible at art and I’m just wasting my time. The only way I got through my first graphic novel was to tell myself ‘okay, you are horrible at comics, but if you finish this book, then you will never have to draw again, you can give up.’

    Of course, I didn’t stop drawing afterwards, but that is just what got me to finish.

    But I’ve found that no matter what kind of accomplishments or compliments, I haven’t really gained any confidence. I think it’s must my mentality…my brain won’t let me be proud 🙂

    That prolly isn’t very helpful.

  2. I selfishly try to build a lot of “doing random nice stuff for other people” into my life, and I think that helps a lot in not leaving myself in a vacuum of self-loathing/anxiety. Drawing some art for someone else, buying a homeless person a meal, or even just sitting down and writing a postcard to a friend that I’ve lost touch with are good things to do, and proof that I have the power to matter to someone else in many different mediums.

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