Webcomic Workshop Podcast #61

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Drezz– Giving your Comic the George Lucas treatment: re-writing what YOU feel is bad material into something stronger. Does that hurt or hinder your comic? Also – turfing the old stuff and moving forward with the new stuff as canon.

Robin– How to hype: When building up to a launch, what are good ways to build up excitement beyond just posting announcements to Social Media?

Chris–– Facebook Event Invite Protocols and how not to come off as not being “desperate” when promoting your stuff, events and/or appearances

Dawn— Tips on creating a portfolio website and making it, like, relevant. Seems like social media is where it’s at. Should your portfolio site just be a Tumblr site? Or maybe LinkedIn (now that they allow images, for us designer/illustrators)

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  1. Lots of good topics on this one for me, cause I’m in the middle of rewriting my first arc for print (trying VERY hard to change it for the better and not piss off my reader base) and trying to combine my blog and portfolio site to a WordPress format.

    On the website front, I started going to a local WordPress group through Meetup.com, and they were all super-encouraging and had lots of great things for me to look into. I think everyone needs a free-range, self-hosted place to play with things, where you can put whatever’s relevant to your career and add stuff easily. I think of Facebook/Twitter/G+/Tumblr/LinkedIn as paths, not destinations. The paths might change, and everyone has their preference of which one they want to walk down, but in the end, they should all lead to the same destination.

    • Great point! All of these should be platforms to connect with communities. Not an end point in themselves, but a means to connect with people that want to help us reach our mutual goals!

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