Webcomic Workshop Podcast #62

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Dawn:  I have a tax accountant in the family who has told me not to bother with an LLC or small business status until I’m earning enough to think about quitting my dayjob. I don’t charge taxes, or earn enough yet that the IRS would hunt me down or audit me (unless I was super unlucky)… but I also don’t get any taxes breaks and can’t write off expenses safely. I simply submit any 1099 I get from a large freelance project, pay my share of taxes on that, and that is it. Do you agree or disagree with his advice?

Drezz:  Benefits of videocasts – for those of you who do periodic videos, do you find more engagement from your readers? For those of you who read webcomics with authors who do video updates, do you read them/see value in them?

Robin:  Brainstorming bonanza: I’m giving myself the month of August to brainstorm ways to bring in additional income using skills that are art, writing, or analysis related. I’m looking to think outside the box of art commissions, which seems to be the default.

Chris:  A new comic book shop (Shop B) just recently opened up in my town but literally right across the street from a long standing comic book shop (Shop A) that has always supported me and bought my books. A good friend that works closely with the new store (Shop B) wants to set up a weekend book signing with me at his friends shop. I would love to do so but I’m afraid of burning some kind of bridge with the store owner from Shop A. I’m sure he might see it as some sort of betrayal or something – even though he hasn’t asked me to do an appearance in his store. Plus, I see the owner from Shop A at lots of cons and I’m friends with lots of his employees. I like everyone there. I don’t know everyone from Shop B real well except for my friend who wants to set the book signing up. I don’t want to lose any friendships over any possible perceived slights. Of course, none of this would even be an issue except for the VERY CLOSE proximity of each store. How would you guys handle such a situation?

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  1. I really like the video cast discussion. Im now considering making some simple ones myself (maybe a time lapse art video or an introducing myself type video). Early next year Im going to be on hiatus due to child birth and my biggest fear is readers leaving and never coming back in the few months I may not be updating the comic. Im wondering if a few videos posted during that time might help make a personal connection and encourage people to stick around till I am able to return.

    Im also really curious to hear about what kinda videos would appeal most to everyday readers.
    Good discussion as always, i want to hear an update later on Chris’s comic shop signing ^__^

    • As a retired video producer of nearly 30 years, video is the ideal medium for getting your message across, and more importantly, remembered. The numbers are like nearly 80% retention when a person sees, hears and interacts with information (like by commenting on your video blog post). But as with anything, it has to be somewhat news worthy. Just saying “hi” is not enough, but if you have insights on your current comic (or story), or simply venting on how difficult one aspect of drawing the comic was (or rewarding) then folks (your readers) will want to hear about it.

      We all take video for granted and Robin uses it the best, so I need to get off my ass and start making some video blogs myself!

      Thanks for listening!

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