Webcomic Workshop Podcast #65

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Byron: Taking the daily strip format & doing it in a full page format. Essentially taking the weekly strips and making them into a single page. Will people like a “joke-a-day” in a full page format?

Robin: When is the right time to start? I’d like to talk about this in general, BUT for me personally the context is: Lately I’ve started to wonder if the only way to make project #2 really gain some traction is to start making pages. At the same time, I know I tend to over-do things and I feel very head-under-water right now. When will I know it’s the right time to add a new project?

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  1. Wasn’t sure where to post this but would like to submit a topic for conversation on the podcast.

    Kickstarter Charge Backs…

    Seems that creators are getting chargebacks due to credit card misuse or non-card holders putting in to support a project. While you should always work in fees, taxes and a buffer into your campaigns how do these chargebacks affect you?

    I’m guessing that once a campaign is successful and fees have been taken that you could run into a having to get back the fees from Kickstarter and Amazon. I’m also assuming that if you’re not figuring in these things from happening that you are on the hook to fullfill the project even if the chargeback takes you below the threshold where you’re campaign is successful.

  2. I liked the discussion about page formats. I’ve been slowly working on a comic this year, and I went for full size pages because I have an ongoing story, but I try to fit in one standalone joke on every page. Sometimes I can do two gags on a page, but other times I’ll do a gag that just wouldn’t fit into one row. I think you can do a lot with a page, and as you mentioned it’s less work later if you want to print books.

    • It’s always good to think ahead to what you want to do not just now, but later. You can save yourself a lot of work and surprises by thinking about where you’re going with your comic!

  3. Hey Robin,

    I think a lot of creators get tempted by new projects. My suggestion would maybe do a soft start of the comic. By this I mean really take the time to make as much concept, sketch work, and comic studies as you can, maybe even some test pages. My friend did this and she posted all her work to a blog (for about a year she updated it on a weekly basis with her progress). By the time she was ready to begin the actual comic she already had a strong following of people who very interested in the story and couldn’t wait to read it (it also helped her kickstarter when she wanted to raise money to finish the book). This is a good way to test out art designs early without the fear of them changing midway through page making. And the blog will also motivate you to keep on the project and feel like progress is being made without jumping the gun on page creation.

    • I really like the blog suggestion and am terrified of it at the same time! I’ll definitely think about it. It would be nice to build up a following first. Just gotta work through some hang-ups about posting…hmm…I may have my Issue for my next WA workshop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ๐Ÿ˜€

    You guys were talking about the time it takes you to draw a page, and f any of you thinks you’re slow if it takes you a day, then don’t worry. For me, a page takes anywhere from 25 to 45 hours to draw and colour. As long as you’re faster than me, you definitely aren’t slow!

  5. My comic pages also depend on how detailed they are. If there’s complicated backgrounds they can take about 10 hours to do from pencilling to coloring. I do stuff in batches though, like all my layout and lettering for the entire chapter at once. Then I go through and ideally pencil the entire chapter all at once, ink it all, and then color it all. The past two chapters that hasn’t been an option since I ran out of buffer, but that’s ideally how my process goes.

    Really liked the discussion about starting up another project. And about sticky notes. I have sticky notes all over my “office” with affirmations and stuff on them. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people.

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