Webcomic Workshop Podcast 75


Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Byron: Are there exercises an artist can do to help strengthen their drawing arm and hand? In light of my recent tendon injury, I think I could use some toning exercises.

Robin:  When choosing a new convention to add, what factors do you consider?  What research do you conduct, and where do you look for information?

A YouTube video that Drezz recommended:

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  1. Byron, Captains of Crush grippers are sold by Ironmind. These are for people serious about grip training. So you have be careful which model you pick up. The 60 lbs model is the one Ironmind recommends for rehab (it’s the lightest).

    On the Ironmind website is a whole list of “Grip Tips” with pictures of how to perform the exercises. A lot of them include using things found around the house like a towel or bucket.


    Good luck with the rehab.

  2. Hey Bryon,

    I started rock climbing a year ago. When I first started my finger strength was pretty bad and the climbing really stressed out my fingers, to the point that I could barely move them when I woke up in the morning. Luckily they’ve gotten stronger, but during the initial phase, I was looking up all kinds of stuff about how to ease away the pain and also increase strength.

    The one thing that worked really was a bucket/bowl of uncooked rice. You basically work your fingers into and out of a fist and the rice acts as light resistance (depending on how deep it is).

    This video will get you started, but there are a bunch out there. Good Luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ3HeshC7ls

    On the subject of conventions, have you seen this blog post? http://comicbookwife.com/2014/09/20/the-hidden-truth-about-comic-book-convention-earnings-for-creators-have-comic-book-conventions-jumped-the-shark/

    I ramped up my conventions in 2012, I always made money, but it never really seemed like a great return on investment for the amount of planning, cost, and time. So I stopped going to all conventions except for the one that was in my city (30 minute drive). Other then hanging out with friends, I don’t really know if I am missing much. I feel like putting out a good product online may get me just as much notice. I admit I do get pangs of jealousy when my friends post they are at this con or that con.

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