Webcomic Workshop Podcast 80


Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss: Reader/Listener Issues. We are approached frequently by newcomers to the webcomic industry to either review or evaluate their comic. We talk about how this may or may not help you and then discuss ways to help you spread the word about your new comic. We also go over the 10 Things You Should Do to your webcomic no matter at what stage you are at. This podcast went long and is nearly 90 minutes long. Sorry about that, but it’s full of lots of good stuff!

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. This podcast was a great reminder of how to be a better creator.
    Im always so bad at my comic pitch, even though ive been doing this for three years now, my mind always goes blank when someone asks me about it. Goes to show even if you practice your art and writing everyday you should also keep practicing your marketing/social skills XD

    Also- Californian here, for the love of god send us all your snow, we are in a horrible drought T__T

    • I fussed with my pitch for years and narrowed it down to “1977 is a comedy about four friends trying to become rock stars in the late ’70s.” My tagline is nothing more than “1977 – A rock and roll comic”. Wraps it all up neatly. If that gets their attention, I give them more.

      As far as the snow, you may have it. I know you on the west coast are in for some rough times with water. Come to the Midwest. It’s colder, but we still have water.

  2. I usually just ask my friends and those I know that have a unique perspective on art. I don’t always use their points, but its good just to see if I have a blind spot or just to learn how others read my work.

    Also, I’ve decided to just enjoy my work. I do want to take it serious (or it wont get done) and I do love a comment now and then, but I know that I receive satisfaction in knowing that I completed something.

  3. Great podcast today, guys and Robin. I always enjoy how much insight you bring, enough so that I don’t feel completely alone when I’m out at conventions or just in general trying to share my artwork and comic and build my brand.

    Another great topic came up at tonight’s Webcomics Wednesday Hangout. We were discussing wether or not it was worth it to re-do early chapters/pages of your webcomic because of the inconsistency in the art style. One one hand it could be beneficial to re-draw earlier pages because you feel your art style has changed and/or improved and you want to make a great first impression on new readers. On the other hand, the beauty of webcomics is that readers can see the artist grow and progress throughout the story, it doesn’t HAVE to be entirely consistent and leaves room for changes and improvements. There’s so many more pros and cons for either side.

    It might be an interesting idea for Webcomics Workshop podcast (If it hasn’t been talked about already).

    • As a rule, I’m against re-doing something that is already finished. I’d rather spend that time and energy working on something new. But, having said that, I too would love to redo my first year’s worth of comics. Not only am I drawing better, but I have a much better sense of comic timing and this would make many of the comics much better.

      The other con against re-doing your earlier works is, where do you stop? If I just re-drew the first year, my current style is till far beyond what I was doing in year two. So, I’d end up just re-doing more and more.

      I think it best to leave them as is and let your readers see how far you’ve come. If you feel so inclined, add some notes to your early works inviting them to visit your later works as well for an overall experience. That works for me!

      Thanks for listening! 🙂

  4. Another great podcast! I’m actually listening to it a second time (within 24 hours) because there was so much good stuff in it.

    One of the biggest things that I connected with was the segment of Chris talking about the upcoming Capes and Babe storyline where it’s not all funny stuff. That’s actually what I’ve been doing in my comic strip for the past nine months or so. I have moments and characters that are funny, sure, but overall I really wanted a larger world being built and it was necessary to have a long and involved plotline to do so.

    • I’m interested in seeing how it goes for Chris as well, as he’s not only starting to do a long story, but also a more serious toned one. I have thought about adding in these serious elements to my story-telling as well, but thus far have held back.

      Thanks for listening!

  5. Thanks again for a great, fun listen! It’s very cathartic to hear I’m not alone in my hopes and fears. I think hard work and stick-to-it-ness is the key for us independent comic makers by far. Speaking about celebrating your small victories, I was thinking about that for myself. I’m making a list of all the GOOD things that have happened for me in the 2+ years (I know, still a a baby!) I’ve been doing this. It will be for my eyes only of course but it will help to look at when I’m not feeling very good about what I’m doing. Keep up the great work!

    • I think we all need to make a list of good things we’ve done in our lives (no matter how trivial they may seem) and keep them around for when we’re feeling unmotivated or down on ourselves.

      We forget how much good we do, and it’s easy to focus on the bad things in life. So, I’ll join you and make a list as well! Starting with a help produce a podcast that helps so many folks out there with their comics!

      So, thank you for listening and being part of something good in my life!

  6. Hi folks! This was one of the best podcasts so far! Thanks for sharing it with us. When it comes to checking stats and analytics on my site, I still check them. Right now the website is all I do and it’s a good gauge as to whether or not people are checking my comic out. I guess, if I’m ever going to branch out into selling books, artwork and having a better presence at cons, the stats won’t mean so much to me. Don’t get me wrong, if no one at all checked out my comic, I’d still do it, because I love doing it, but it’s nice to know others are enjoying it as well.
    Thanks again for the podcast and for the site. I visit as often as I can! – Jim

  7. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great info. I’m an aspiring web comic artist and I’ve been listening to podcasts all day as I work. It’s really informative and I appreciate everyone’s unique insights. Especially Dawn – I mean Robin 😉 lol.

    • They’re interchangeable you know. 🙂

      As a parent, I can never focus on one name as I think of someone. I have to go through this list and my brain just spits out the first one it finds. Usually the wrong name too. They take it in stride and just tease me later.

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