Webcomic Workshop X-File code 3C

This podcast we cover:

Tyler: The quest for profitability! What are you guys doing this year to increase revenue and/or decrease costs vs. last year?

Ken: How often should you update the look of the site? Are tweaks enough?

Dawn: What are some cheap promo items to pass out at a con, that won’t just get chucked? (besides bookmarks or business cards)

Byron: Using Incentives to raise funds for your webcomic: What works?

Drink(s) of the Week: Pineapple Juice & Mango Rum, St. Ides Malt Liquor (complete with college flashbacks) and Breast Milk.

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  1. Heres one good idea give out pins that you can put on a backpack, every nerd I have ever seen has a pin or badge on their backpacks. I would use the pins all the time. Nerds love to build pin collections on their backpacks.

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