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This podcast is not censored and may have some language not suitable for work.Β  You’ve been warned.

This podcast we cover:

Byron: Doing what your comic needs vs. what you want it to need (I struggle with what format and update schedule).

Dawn: Pay-walls and subscriptions to get bonus material. Good or bad idea? And when is it best to attempt this?

Ken: What do you do to stay focused (as in what are some good goals you are setting and how are you achieving them)?

Mike: What drives you to do your comic? Ever have that “screw it” moment?

Drink of the Week: Pinkerton Park’s Jamocha Milkshake

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  1. First, I’d like to say thanks for putting out a quality podcast and I sincerely enjoy listening to you and look forward to hearing them. I like to comaradery you guys have with each other and the obvious mutual respect that comes through. You all do quality work and bring that level of quality to these Workshops. I listen to a lot of podcasts and frankly get tired of all the snarkism and negativity that I hear, which refreshingly is kept to a minimum in your conversations.
    As far as your discussions about Webcomics.com behind the paywall, Byron mentioned he didn’t want to pay the membership fee and felt it was not worth the money. Honestly, I had that same thought myself, but I’m happy to report that the information and supportive forums make it a really valid reason to cough up the fee. There is an equally mutually-supporting atmosphere with other members that I feel make it well worth the $30.
    Keep up the excellent work, I know it is labor and time conducive, but it really means a lot to me and I’m sure many others as well.

    • As far as negativity goes, it has no place in my life. I will not waste my energy dealing with negativity. If a person has a problem, well, it’s *their* problem, not mine. So, trying to engage me into their issues is totally worthless. I could have drank a beer in the time they were arguing with me, so I say screw that.

      Let me be real clear about my opinion of Webcomics.com: First, good for them. They have a successful model and it works… for them. I do not believe that what works for one individual (or group) will work for *me*. I do not buy ANY self-help books or books that claim to be “How To” books as those methods worked for the AUTHOR and may not work for you or me. That is my point. Join or don’t join, matters not to me. For many, it is a wonderful resource. Having visited the site before it went to a pay-wall, it was not worth it to *me*. Just making that clear so folks don’t get the impression I’m saying don’t join their site. It was strictly my opinion for what it was worth to *me*. And hey, I’m just an old fart cartoonist having a ton of fun. And that’s what it’s all about.

      • You guys offer your insight and hard-earned experience to others, and do it in a way that is constructive and entertaining. As far as I’m concerned you guys blow all the other podcasts out of the water (with the exception of the Webcomics Weekly group, who are always entertaining). Looking forward to more shows with the whole crew together!

        • Hi Mark, we really appreciate your kind words and support for the podcast! I think in the beginning we thought it’d be a nice addition to the website, but it has really grown into an entity all its own. We have a lot of fun doing it, and we’re so happy to have received such a wonderful response from others who enjoy it too! Best of luck to ya, friend.

          • Thanks, Dawn. As long as you guys keep making those fab podcasts, I’ll be listening! I know there are many others like me who listen and enjoy what you guys do, but maybe don’t or won’t respond (like the “non-comments” I get on my site, lol). So for all those folks, I’d like to say by proxy, keep up the great work!

      • The site isn’t the same as it was when it was free. There’s a lot more specific content now.

        I’m always willing to give something a chance, and if it doesn’t work out for me, I’ll move on. So far, webcomics.com has been good to me. Just like WA has been good for me in other aspects.

        So long as there’s no bickering and jealousy and snarkiness and drama, I’m happy to listen to all the podcasts and read all the articles. All the information is valuable in some manner. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice episode guys! It was fun to listen to. I wasn’t sure when I first read the description but there is a lot of information in there that could very easily and usefully be applied to my (and others!) comics. I’ll be checking out the archive of these while I work around the house (current project: taping and mudding… sigh.) and drawing. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Zach, when we come up with the issues, they really ARE just issues that pertain to us individually… but we certainly hope that others can use the information and grow with us! Hope you enjoy the archives.. some great issues were solved or at least improved with the help of the Alliance!

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