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Hello all!  It’s been an interesting summer for us members of the Alliance and I wanted to take a brief moment and catch you up on the news here and what it means to you, our readers.

First, I’d like to thank all of our summer contributors for helping us take some needed time off.  Producing the content for the site is quite the task sometimes and as we approach our third anniversary, we all needed a breather.  So a huge thank you from us here at the Alliance.

Second, you’ll be hearing more from various contributors as we move forward.  It is vital as a learning tool that the Alliance website remains not only fresh, but also current.  As each of us brings different fortes to the table here, it is important that we reach out beyond our small band of webcomic artists and see what others have to say.  I find it refreshing to have a new point of view now and then, plus you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  I’m proof of that.  Look for monthly articles from contributors as we continue to add on new faces that can help us out from time to time.  Also, look for Antoine and Ken to make appearances from time to time as well!  They are anxious to start bringing their “wisdom” back to the Alliance.

Third, speaking of new faces, I would like to introduce our sixth member of the Alliance: Frank Page.  Frank first caught my eye a while back as I discovered his fun comic “Bob the Squirrel.”  Then I followed Frank both on Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed his take on things, both comic related and not.  I’ll let Frank introduce himself here in a moment, but look for Frank’s work to begin to show up on a regular basis now that he’s a formal member of the Alliance.  He certainly will bring some colorful personality to the Podcasts as well.  So, please extend a hand to Frank as he takes his first steps as the newest Alliance member.

Forth, and final, we are planning on introducing a big new feature here at the Alliance.  We core members, now including Frank, wanted to stretch out our reach to budding webcomic artists and give them a bigger helping hand.  The articles and podcasts here at the Alliance are a great introduction, but we wanted to go in-depth and start producing some content with a bit more meat on its bones.  In the early Spring of 2014, we’ll be announcing our latest feature.  Why so long?  It’s a big project and one that’s not easily assembled.  But when it hits, I know you’ll love it as much as we do.

And I would like to thank YOU, our readers and listeners of the Alliance.  Without your participation and feedback, this would all be nothing more than the five or six of us sitting around entertaining ourselves (and we do that very well, thank you).  Please do let us know what you’d like to see or hear more of so we can target the subjects you most need.

And now

Here are some questions I asked newest member Frank Page to answer so you all can get a better feel for Frank if you don’t already know him.  Enjoy!

  • Where do you call home? Rome, NY…Yes, there are more places in New York that aren’t New York City.
  • What’s your background in art?  Been drawing since I was an embryo.  I have a BFA in Illustration and a Master’s Degree in Visual Art.  But other than that I’ve been known to dabble.
  • How do you draw? Digitally, traditional or both?  Everything is done old school… bristol, ink non-photo blue pencil.  I do minimal correction and all of my coloring in Photoshop.
  • Why did you join the Alliance? Who wouldn’t want to be associated with a great group of true dedicated artistic professionals?  Lucky for me the Alliance feels I can contribute something to their group.
  • Who is your favorite… Ginger or Mary Ann? (Bonus points for knowing who they are)  I’m a total Mary Ann.  I always thought her and the Professor had a thing going.
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  1. Hey, I know where Rome NY is, but mostly because of the Erie Canal folk song from Pete Seeger and Bruce Springsteen (both of which are in regular rotation on my itunes)

  2. I’m excited to hear more from the newest member of the alliance! I also enjoyed all the guest articles over the summer. I’m glad to see there will be more of a community focus going forward.

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