Adding Cool Icons to Clip Studio Paint

I was updating and organizing my various brushes and pen tools I have for Clip Studio Paint and I was noticing that many of the tools have similar, if not identical, icons. Google to the rescue. I found an artist on DeviantArt that had made a collection of replacement icons specifically for CSP! I downloaded them and began to figure out how to update the tool icons. To save you the hassle of going to Google and looking this information up, I’ve written it down in this handy blog post! I’m that kinda guy. 

First, get the icons over on DeviantArt. The user’s handle is AcidScratch and you may find the icons by clicking here. 

Once you have the icons downloaded and un-zipped onto your computer’s hard-drive, open up Clip Studio Paint and let’s begin our little journey to cool looking icons. I am going to use the Text tool as my example. In the image below, you see the tool is selected.

Now you will want to Right Click on the Text Tool itself and click on “Settings of sub tool…”

You will see the sub tool settings box open. Now you will want to click on “User Settings”.

Immediately, a file directory window opens. Go to the folder where you unzipped the icons, and select the “Text.png” file. The click Open

You have the option of changing the icon’s background color. I do this to help when you’re visually searching for icons. To change the icon’s background color, check the box next to “Background color of icon” and choose your color. Click OK for your color choice, then click OK to close the sub tool Settings window.

And bingo! That’s it. You will now see the new icon displayed. The set features a ton of icons and I changed out quite a few of mine as well as color coded them so I can easily spot them on my monitor. This is a simple but cool update to Clip Studio Paint. If you find a different set of icons to use, make a note of it in the comments below. I love to see what others find out there on the internet. Have fun!

Byron Wilkins is a co-founder of the Webcomic Alliance, the creator of the webcomic “1977 the Comic” and an avid Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio fan. Byron uses CSP EX for all of his illustration work. 

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