POTM Interview: Vince Dorse of Untold Tales of Bigfoot

For the month of December we’ve packed up our camping gear and headed out into the woods in search of the elusive Bigfoot.  Along the way we met a wonderfully cute and friendly member of the Sasquatch family brought to us by the very talented Vince Dorse.  So now that we’ve taken sometime to get familiar with Untold Tales of Bigfoot let’s take some time to get to know Vince a little more.

Vince we want to thank you for taking the time to answer our “10 Questions for creators”.  We hope you have as much fun answering them as I’m sure the readers will reading them.  So now on to the questions at hand.


What was the first comic you read as a child?

Vince: The first comic book I remember reading over and over was a well-worn, garage-sale copy of the Classic’s Illustrated H.G.Wells’ Time Machine. I must have read that thing fifty times, easy. It has everything: time travel, romance, monsters, fistfights… I think I still have its tattered remains bagged up somewhere in my collection. A true classic. I’m afraid to take it out and read it again for fear it’d crumble into dust like those library books in H.G. Wells’ Time Ma—oh my god I’m in a time loop!

Who would you consider to be your greatest influence as an artist and creator?

Vince: There’s a boatload of creators and their works that inspire me all the time. Henson, Schulz, Bradbury, Serling, Termite Terrace, the Nine Old Men, every monster movie I ever stayed up past my bedtime to watch…the list is inexhaustible. But the greatest influence on my becoming an artist/creator would probably be my very supportive parents who encouraged me to explore whatever natural artistic abilities I had. And who knows? If they hadn’t pushed me to follow my dreams to become an artist I may have become a very rich man by now.

What, to you, is required drawing equipment or a writing necessity when you sit down to create?

Vince: Pencil and paper. The stuff I do in the computer (inking, painting) I could do another way if I absolutely had to. But everything I draw starts with a pencil on paper and it just feels right. That goes for the writing too, I suppose. With Untold Tales of Bigfoot, I’m following an overall story outline, but the actual writing of the individual panels and dialogue is done as I lay out each page visually with thumbnails.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Vince: I can’t tell you where I went to school because it’s the password to all my internet accounts. But I can tell you I studied music, graphic design and fine arts. I still treasure all of that art theory and art history because it comes into play almost every day, but independent study was the key for me.

If you could choose three adjectives to describe yourself, that have nothing to do with comics, what would they be?

Vince: You know, my go-to answer for this question used to be “tall, dark and handsome” but then someone leaked my photo on the internet and the jig was up. Maybe we should go with obsessive, compulsive, disordered.

Is there an environment you prefer to create in?  Such as somewhere quiet, or do you prefer music?  Does the sound of a TV show or movie in the background help get your creative juices flowing?

Vince: Work seems like a breeze when it’s just me and the cat hanging out in the home studio (though, she couldn’t possibly be more distracting if she climbed into my mouth and had kittens). Some days I set the iTunes to shuffle and just let it go, other days I’ll be working for 4 or 5 hours in silence before I realize I never bothered to turn on any music. And if I’m just drawing, no writing involved, I really enjoy listening to old-timey-time radio mysteries and sci-fi programs from the ’40s and ’50s. Nobody tells stories like that anymore. It’s like sitting in a time machine. Nice callback.

OK, just to get a more personal feel of who you are, is there an embarrassing or exciting story from your childhood you’d like to share with us? 

Vince: I don’t think I was hip enough as a kid to know when I should’ve been embarrassed. I’m sure I did a ton of idiotic, potentially embarrassing things growing up. So those moments either whizzed by without my noticing, or they were so traumatic that I’ve managed to block them.

I do remember getting pretty far in some grade school spelling bees before blowing it. It was embarrassing enough to put me off the whole affair. To this day, I’ve never entered another spelling bee.

If and when they make a movie of your life who would you choose to play you?

Vince: The great Peter O’Toole. He neither looks nor sounds anything like me, but that guy can pull of any role. And imagine how cultured I’d seem with my words spoken in that fantastic accent. If O’Toole won’t sign on, I’d have Andy Serkis do a motion-capture performance of me as some awesome cgi monster.

Is there any upcoming news or other stuff you’d like to share with us?  Books? Kickstarters?

Vince: When I started Untold Tales of Bigfoot a few months ago I had no idea it would be embraced so enthusiastically by the web comic community. The comic has a small but loyal family of readers that I hope to grow over the next year or so. I’m grateful for their support and hope they keep sharing the comic with their friends. If it seems like there’s enough demand for a print edition, I’d definitely consider a Kickstarter campaign. I think it’d be nice to have something tangible, something you could hold in your hands and flatten spiders with, if need be.

To wrap up this interview we’ll ask an easy question.  What’s the Meaning of Life?  Trust me, there’s more than  just a few of us that want to know the answer to that…especially on Mondays. :)

Vince: I know you’re looking for a joke here, but I’m gonna buck the trend and actually try to answer this. After years of intense trial and miserable error, it seems to me the key to a meaningful life is not being a jerk.  Be a good person, a kind person, and strive to lighten other people’s burdens when you’re able. And if you can do that, if you can make the world a better place, well, let’s just say that if you ever find yourself on a snow-swept bridge overlooking an icy river on Christmas Eve, bankrupt and facing embezzlement charges, I’m pretty certain the entire town will show up at your house with gobs and gobs of money for you, praising you to high heavens and singing Auld Lang Syne. So, you know…cha-ching!



I would like to take this time to thank Vince Dorse for taking the time to answer these questions for us and allow us to get to know him a little bit more.   Also thank you Vince for creating and sharing Untold Tales of Bigfoot with us.

If you haven’t had the opportunity go check out our POTM write up on Untold Tales of Bigfoot and make sure you go over and check out Vince’s wonderful webcomic.

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