POTM: Stand Still. Stay Silent

90 years have passed since the rash illness wiped out a large majority of the world.  Stand Still. Stay Silent takes us into the post apocalyptic world where the “Silent World” have been left untouched for years and rumors have turned to myth, and now it’s the time for a crew to venture into this […]

Comic Cons: Breaking Down Setting it Up

 I know. Another convention article from me. Maybe that’s because comic con season just hit full swing, or maybe it’s because the #1 question I get asked over and over here at the Alliance is something like, “Where do I get ____ for conventions?” I have covered how to SET UP YOUR STOREFRONT (as in, […]

Talking about Sketch Covers…

Hey kids… today your Uncle Chris is going to talk about a new item you can put on your convention table that might draw eyes to your table and give you a nice priced item that might net you a nice little profit once it is sold. What am I talking about, you might ask? […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast 71

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Dawn: What to include in a submission to publishers. Cover letter content, types of strips to include, etc. also: do I push the all ages spect or just say it’s for 1 specific demographic ( I guess kids 8-12?) Drezz: Patreon – should I bother […]

POTM Interview: Dynagirl

Dynagirl writer Cary Kelly sits down and tackles our 10 Questions for the Pick of the Month. Enjoy! 1. First comic you read as a child? It was a Batman book, no doubt about it. Neal Adams drew it, and I remember being amazed even then, as young as I was, at how he moved […]

Inside Bob the Squirrel…part 2

A few years ago, I bought a house. I looked at 13 different houses before finding this one.  Every house I looked at had trees somewhere, some in the front, some on the side, but only one had a tree in the back.  Not just any tree, a TREE tree.  This tree would be perfect […]

How to Build a Buffer

You’ve all heard about them, and if you’ve been in the game for a few years, you wonder if they’re even achievable – I’m talking about the elusive buffer. It’s one of the most prized assets of comic artists who have a specific posting schedule. Perhaps you’re one of those folks who post a page […]

Paying It Forward

This article is going to be a little change of pace for us here at the Alliance. We here at the Alliance do all this stuff for free. We do it willingly as we hope that folks can learn from our experiences, good or bad. And it seems to work as we have a lot […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast 70

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Byron: After a few  years of doing conventions, I want to revisit the notion of attending comic cons. Are they truly worth it? Would we be better off focusing our attention to our comics and creations, especially since we have limited time for creating anyway? […]

POTM: Dynagirl

“Five years after the tragic end of Fallen Justice we find Kerri Masters struggling in more ways than one with the events of the past. She has retired, and seemingly moved on from her former life as one of the most powerful heroes in the world. But when she meets a mysterious woman who offers […]

News Round-Up for April 2014

Let’s start April off with some handy links! I have found each of these helpful and hopefully they’ll shed some light on your art or workflow as well. Perspective Tutorial Found this on Tumblr and it’s a cool tutorial and primer on perspectives. It covers the basics and some typical errors. I’ve made these exact […]

Webcomics and the Rise of the Mobile Web

I read a ton of webcomics. A virtual library of them. I love them and want for many of them to survive long into the future. I also work my day job maintaining websites and optimizing my company’s website for the future. And that future is mobile-readiness. I read a report recently that said mobile […]


Alliance Chat 21

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we’re chatting about… well, Byron’s ranting about an incident he encountered on Deviant Art and we all weigh in whether it’s good to vent/rant on Social Media or not. Plus, we talk about how some studies are showing how Digital Comics are actually […]


1 Secret to Writing a Satisfying Ending

There is an art to endings.  They can make or break a story.  Good endings elevate a work and evoke a emotion that lingers for days.  Some endings leave you breathless, eager for more.  Others fill us with a deep sense of well-being and comfort.  Occasionally an ending will rattle us, prompting deep thought and […]

What about Bob? A character’s perspective…

Too often we send time writing about things that directly affect and effect comic creators.  Is my site user-friendly?  Is the time I post new work the optimal time?  Should I even bother with eBooks? The biggest question that is ALWAYS overlooked is this: What about the characters?  Without the characters, none of that other […]

POTM Interview: Pictures of You

The Ides of March have rolled by and it’s time for Gibson Twist to belly up to the bar and take on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”. 1. First comic you read as a child? G.I.Joe #1 back in 1983, I think. We were on a road trip to the mountains […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast 69

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Chris: All of a sudden, I have become inundated with a handful of freelance projects. That’s causing my time to be very, very precious. My feeling has always been that freelance PAYING gigs always come before the free strip. Do you guys agree? Drezz: The […]

The Smudge Expo 2014 Interview…

  Hey folks… on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 I got the chance to participate in a brand new show here in the Washington, DC area. The show is called “The Smudge Expo” – it was juried show featuring several artists that were local to the area plus a few that were as far away as […]

Are you a Webcomic Ghost?

You toil over your comic. You’ve followed the advice. You’ve written it well or drawn and coloured it beautifully. You’ve updated with consistency and you’ve promoted it online with intensity and genuine excitement. Sounds like a recipe for success, right? Not necessarily. If we’re not in the rarified air of webcomics authors who have been […]

POTM: Pictures of You

Lets face it. The college/post-college group-of-friends concept is the classic obligatory comic many of us have dabbled in…. probably because we’ve all been there and for each of us, that time and those people affected us deeply and significantly. How we may have handled it– as a quippy comic strip, or an edgy indie longform […]