Alliance Chat New York Comic Con Review

The Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, Byron and Dawn are chatting with Tyler James of the Comix Tribe and Marc Lapierre, artist for “Super Fogeys”, about our experiences at New York Comic Con. Specifically the key differences between Artist Alley and having a Small Press Booth.  We also talk in general […]

East Coast Con Report Card

I realize, for those of you who are hundreds of miles away from the nearest convention, an article like this may make you insanely jealous. I am quite lucky to live where I do. The upper east coast is LITTERED with conventions big and small, along with book fairs, art festivals, craft shows, sci-fi and […]


POTM Interview: Tauhid Bondia

When you weren’t running for your life from the living dead I hope you took some time this month and checked out our Pick of the Month write up on “The Angry Dead”, if not go ahead click here and check it out then come on back and let’s turn our spotlight on the creator […]



In my best Asgardian impression let me answer that question by saying: I SAY THEE, NAY! Comic strips do not NEED backgrounds. In fact, I submit to you that drawing backgrounds in a comic strip is more of a luxury than a necessity. One does not NEED to draw backgrounds in each panel in order […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast #64

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Chris: I’m in a weird spot… lately, I have had some VERY successful conventions but every time I do a convention, I feel burnt out and have a hard time getting back into “comic strip mode”. I would like to find time to actually create […]


Anatomy 101, Part One: Proportions

For most people, school starts in September. I skipped class a lot, so for me – it started in October. So, to honor my typical truant self, I’m going to give you all a Back to School special, Drezz style. This lesson is all about Anatomy. So after you drop your late slip off on […]


POTM: The Angry Dead

A Shuffle of feet, bloodshot eyes, creaking bones and groans that fill the corridors.  No those aren’t the sounds of a cartoonist waking up after their 2 hour sleep getting ready to face another day, it’s the sound of The Angry Dead.  The Angry Dead by Tauhid Bondia serves up a lot of zombies and […]


Alliance Chat 15

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we’re chatting about launch or development of a comic, since I have stated that I’ll be relaunching 1977 in February. Essentially the 5 Things we’d do differently when it comes to launching a new comic.


it takes more…the discipline of webcomics

So, webcomics.  You want to start one, right? It takes a lot more than server space and a scanner to make that happen.  I mean, if you want it to last that is. As of this writing, I’ve been drawing Bob the Squirrel for ELEVEN YEARS.  That’s a one with another one right after it. […]


Your Karma Wifi Hotspot Review…

Let’s get a little Tech-y… Before I begin this article, I think it might be best to get some technical parts out of the way first so that you can better appreciate the later parts parts of this article. My family and I use T-Mobile as our phone carrier. We are a part of their […]


Character Design Basics

You can’t have a comic without characters. Having well-designed characters that can express elements of their personality or temperament is quite helpful to the reader, but there are some tips that can really take your characters to another level. There are so many characters from comics, cartoons, TV shows, movies, and other media that have […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast #63

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Drezz– Continued Patronage vs. Crowdfunding Projects – now that alternative methods for funding comics are popping up, what do you feel works better long term for artists – short-term, large funding on a per project basis, or smaller, continued funds over a longer period of […]


POTM Interview: Jack Slade of Scaredemy

We’ve had a great month spotlighting Scaredemy by Jack Slade.  Jack’s work has taken us into the life of Simon Fairwee, watching him develop his skills and work to become a great magician.  Well speaking of skills, and working towards things Jack Slade has worked to create a wonderful comic series with Scaredemy, so let’s […]


Webcomic Reader Poll!

Tell us what you think! We tried something different this summer, opening things up to a variety of new voices. Tell us what you thought! We want to hear from you. Please use this form to share your opinions!


We’re Back!

Hello all!  It’s been an interesting summer for us members of the Alliance and I wanted to take a brief moment and catch you up on the news here and what it means to you, our readers. First, I’d like to thank all of our summer contributors for helping us take some needed time off.  […]


Alliance Chat 14

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we’re chatting about running a successful Kickstarter with Tom Dell’Aringa of the webcomic Marooned as well as our own Robin Dempsey.


POTM: Scaredemy

Simon Fairwee was your typical kid until that one day he found his dad’s old year book and his life took a drastic turn.  Suddenly Simon is faced with the fact his dad was a practicing magician and his mother, well let’s just say she was a bit shocking on the eyes.  Now that the […]


Impressions of the Wacom Intuos

(Note: This Is A Series Of Guest Articles We’ve Requested To Spice Up Things Here At The Alliance. We Current Members Of The Alliance Are Working On Some Special Things This Summer And Will Announce Them Come September When Our Guest Articles Finish Up. Enjoy The Change Of Pace And Let Our Guest Contributors Know […]


Webcomic Workshop Podcast #62

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Dawn:  I have a tax accountant in the family who has told me not to bother with an LLC or small business status until I’m earning enough to think about quitting my dayjob. I don’t charge taxes, or earn enough yet that the IRS would […]