Pick of the Week: The Guns of Shadow Valley

There’s nothing as bad-ass as an old-school western. Now throw in a touch of the supernatural and a posse of cowboys with superpowers, and you have a recipe for something that is absolutely amazing. In the Guns of Shadow Valley by Dave Wachter and James Andrew Clark, we’re treated to a story full of style […]


Wizard World Philly: Recap

The Summary I’ve done the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con  for the past 3 years now. It’s a no-brainer for me to go as it’s only a half hour away. I was worried before my first show here, as I had been hearing how the Wizard World shows are going downhill and they’re not built […]


Pick of the Week: Reptilis Rex

One thing V warned us about in the 80’s and just a few years ago was that the Lizard People are coming, but V didn’t prepare us for this.  Reptilis Rex by William Tallman takes us on a journey with the once great Emperor of the underworld “Reptilis Rex”.  But keep that a secret, everyone […]


Webcomic Workshop #47

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Tonight’s Topic:  Doing your comic on-line in seasons.  Meaning, you’d publish a set amount of comics, take a predetermined break, then return for another “season” of comics.  We address the Pros and Cons of this format and how it applies to both gag-a-day strips and […]


Pick of the Week: Super Zeroes

Super Zeroes by Will Terrell follows the lives of teenagers separated by thousands of miles that have a path before them that will bring them crashing into each others lives.   We find one of the main cast members Elysium Fields “Elly” struggling with the realization that her life is about to change and she’s about to […]


Gimme an R, Gimme an S, Gimme another S – RSS!

Go team RSS go! Some of you know what we’re cheering about – others are sitting there scratching their heads wondering what RSS is all about. Well, I’m going to show you how easy and beneficial RSS is to your comic, and in another post I’ll show you how to effectively set up some tracking […]


Webcomic Workshop #46

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Byron: When should you, if at all, use colloquial terms or expressions? Or even cultural references?  For example I’ve used the term “Free Clinic” and I had to explain it to my readers.  They say if you have to explain it, then don’t use it.  […]


Pick of the Week: Carpe Chaos

Carpe Chaos is a very extrodinary webcomic in the way that it unfolds.  It is not a long form webcomic, but yet in a sense it is.  It follows the lives of five alien races that have learned to travel between the stars and explorers their cultures, their history, and their beliefs.  You get to […]


Are You Ready for a Book?

We here at the Alliance get asked this question a lot: “When will I know I’m ready to print my first book?”  This is a loaded question and the real question should be “Is my comic ready for printing?”  What I mean is your audience ready to shell out hard earned cash for your comic […]


Pick of the Week: Holiday Wars

  What if all the childhood holiday characters REALLY existed? What if you found out there’s really a Santa Claus at the North Pole, or the Easter Bunny actually delivers candy…. and has quite a temper, I might add? What if other lesser celebrated holidays had representative characters or people, such as Labor Day or […]


Webcomic Workshop #45

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Antoine: Comic Format:  Are the Standard “Comic Book” and “Newspaper” Formats getting too old? Where is it written that a comic book needs 22-24 pages. Is there really a need anymore to follow the format defined by Marvel, DC? Drezz: Selling your comic: I am […]


Pick of the Week: Battlepug

Battlepug by Mike Norton  is told through narration by Moll to her two dogs Colfax and Mingo.  The story she unfolds to her beloved pets follows the adventures of what is possibly the last Kimmundy child as he narrowly survives the destruction of his people only to be brought into Slavery and then set forth on […]


Back That Thing Up! Breaking Down Online Back-up Services

  We at the Alliance have pestered you via aticles on this website. We have reminded you on the podcast. Heck, if we met you in person, we probably nagged you about it then, too. BACK UP YOUR STUFF! For the LOVE of all that is HOLY! You still haven’t? Yeah yeah, you’ve been meaning […]


Pick of the Week: Valkyrie Squadron

When I was a kid, I used to love smashing bugs. In my eyes, critters were always the epitome of evil – lurking in shadows and dark areas, with many appendages, eyes and antennae. Now that I’m older, that fear of bugs disappeared, yet I can’t help but cheer whenever I see a team of […]


Webcomic Workshop #44

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss some issues we’ve had in the past and re-cap where we’re at with them today! Ken: Thinking of scaling back from five days to one – is that too much and how would you reformat a comic from daily four panel to weekly nine panel? […]


5 Reasons Why Your Comics Fail

Good day folks. I’m not going to beat around the bush in this article – I’m just going to come right out and say it. A lot of comics you see on the Internet = FAIL. It’s not always  due to the people in charge, but more likely because they are lacking a key ingredient […]


Pick of the Week: Robbie and Bobby

Robbie and Bobby by Jason Poland takes us on a fun trip with Bobby and his new best friend Robbie the Robot.   Bobby is your typical little boy always getting into trouble, finding new adventures, etc. with one cool exception, he get’s to have these adventures with his very own autonomous robot. Robbie and Bobby takes […]


Webcomic Workshop #43

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. No one said we could count… this one is actually Podcast #43! Now we can all sleep at night.  This podcast we discuss Byron:   Remembering stuff.  I am having a terrible time with it.  I use to use my Outlook w/ Pocket PC software but that’s finally died.  Outside […]


Pick of the Week: Scapula

Aidan Casserly’s “Scapula” is a fantastic, twisted and warped comic that is filled with wondrous characters rendered in an original style that is a delight to the eye.  Aidan himself must have a dual personality as from my discussions with him on Twitter, he seems an intelligent and funny guy, yet “Scapula” is filled with […]


Deal With The Devil

What follows is an editorial opinion by me, the official Old Fart of the Webcomic Alliance.  This opinion is not shared by my fellow Alliance members.  I am stating this up front as my opinion is going to be used to drive home my point. Now that I’ve clarified this, let’s get to the point […]