So You Wanna Put Your Comic on the Web

  Following up the motivational beginner articles by Ken Drab and Drezz, about how to start creating a comic from scratch, the next step is to get that chicken scratch online! Now, there are varied viewpoints on how many comics you should crank out before “going live” with your website… or if you should start […]


What Are You Doing?

We’ve talked about conventions a lot here at the Webcomic Alliance.  They can be an essential tool in promoting your comic and your drawing career.  But they can also be a huge loss-leader and can take some balancing to know which ones work for you.  But recently I got an email from a reader of […]


Character Sketch Challenge #18: “….for Dummies”

Character Sketch Challenge #18 Species: Any Characteristics: Someone in a trade or profession you would not want to see consulting a “….for Dummies” book. We see them everywhere, they’ve been around for as long as most of us can remember now, those “….for Dummies” books.  Use to be you found them in book stores, and […]


Pick of the Week: Company Man

This week’s pick of the week is Company Man by Frank Jordan. Frank is self described as “Well, let’s see…I’m just a laid back, nice guy (That doesn’t mean doormat!) in Phoenix just trying not to spontaneously combust in the scorching heat of the summers here! You can find me at feel free to […]


Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: LeyLines

Patient name: LeyLines Age: Less than one year old. Patient Origins: LeyLines is about “a brother and sister questing for truth. An ex-slave consumed by revenge and a guard captain with a terrible secret. A shadow monk who pays for his powers with his memories and a banished seer who sees visions of war. Secrets […]


Webcomic Workshop #24

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! This podcast we discuss:  WOW! More Cowbell! It’s a RECAP Episode! Byron    I’ll recap “acceptance by your artist peers” from #5 Ken    I’ll recap my multiple issuuuues about the blog… Dawn    I’ll recap my question about small vs. big conventions. Antoine    I’ll […]


Adobe Illustrator: 101 (Part 2)

Annnnnnnd, I am back for Part 2 of this article! As you may have read about in the first part, Illustrator is a lot different than Photoshop in how it creates or builds imagery. I explained the difference between vector graphics and raster, and the benefits of each. Maybe you decided to stick to Photoshop […]


Pick of the Week: Far From Home

What is Far From Home: Far From Home drops us into the lives of Lt. John Waters and his co-pilot Mr. Eynk as they are on a scouting mission as members of the Stellar Corp: Law Enforcement Division.  Their initial mission finds them out on a scouting mission in one of the fastest most maneuverable ships Stellar Corp […]


Which Con For You?

I recently attended my first Wizard World comic convention.  It was a professional show and well attended.  Now that I’ve attended at least one each of the two major comic shows in Chicago, I’d thought I would do a comparison of them in hopes that I can demonstrate how you might pick out conventions to […]


Stop Procrastinating! Start Working!

Ken’s previous article “Starting from Scratch“, talked about how to put your ideas to paper instead of just keeping them locked away in your head. This article is a follow-up, and its going to act as the kick in the rear you need to do what he’s talking about. I had a high school gym […]


Pick of the Week: Underwhelmed

What is Underwhelmed: Underwhelmed follows the life of Doyle, a pudgy little redhead whose adventures involve video games, TV and Food.   He is continually driven crazy by his sisters and mom.  His best friend is Gunther, a tall nerdy kid who like Doyle finds that all of life’s problems can usually be solved in […]


Starting From Scratch

So you’ve got a creative itch. You’ve been tossing around this idea you have for a comic and you have a great character you’ve been doodling for a little while and you just don’t know where to start. A lot of us have been there. Actually, most of us who are posting our comics online […]


Webcomic Workshop #22

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! Special Guest: Howie Noeldechen of Tara Normal. This podcast we discuss: Ken: My issue revolves around growing your social circle. I’m a relatively shy person when meeting new people and I don’t consider myself great at “small talk”. I would consider you […]


Reader Mailbag: Comments & Community

The Alliance wants to get more input from YOU guys. For this, we’d like to do a Webcomic Workshop Article together regarding one specific issue. Let’s be fun and constructive. I’ll post the actual issue below, make my own comments and then, of course, you guys can start discussing. You can either reply to my […]


Pick of the Week: Circuit

What is Circuit: Circuit takes us into our computer and gives us a glimpse of what our systems components are up to.  Have you ever worried that maybe your processor, system fan, or memory were just getting bored with their day to day tasks?  Well Circuit introduces us to a cast that shows us just […]


Career VS. Job

My previous article called “Artist’s Support System” spurred some interesting comments.  One thread in particular motivated me to write this article as a follow up.  We talk about motivation a lot here at the Alliance, and for good reason, it’s why we do what we do. Many folks in the creative industry live by the […]


Character Sketch Challenge #17: Chill Out

Character Sketch Challenge #17 Species: Any Characteristics: A clever way to stay cool in the August heat It surely is the dog days of summer right now, heat indexes across most the country well over 100°.  This Character Challenge invites you to use your imagination and come up with clever ways that someone or something might […]


Pick of the Week: Robot Beach

What is Robot Beach: Robot Beach takes us to an isolated island where we meet the star Robot and his gang of friends.   Robot has a desire to figure out what his purpose is and what else is out there beyond the shoreline.  With friends like Carl and Larry by his side Robot finds […]


Workshop Mailbag: Google+

In our efforts to get more feedback from everyone – we’re clearly not the definitive experts – we’re opening up our mailbag to you. This will be a weekly feature this summer so if you have questions you want answered head over to the contact form and give us the isssssuuuue. If we don’t cover […]